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Seasons of the year

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Our country is situated in the temperate climatic zone. This climatic zone is characterised by changing of the seasons. We have four seasons of the year. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every seasons of the year lasts for three months.


Spring- the first is spring. Spring stars on March 21st according to the calendar. In the spring the nature is changing. Flowers start growing and the grass starts turning green. We can see many fresh flowers and little animals. Among the first flowers are snowdrops and primroses. The weather is often unstable at this time. One of moments the sun is shining, but sometimes it starts to rain and to drizzle. And because of melting snow there are floods. Spring is the time for planting most types of vegetables and flowers and fruit trees. People, who live in the village have many work with gardening. But spring brings problems with pollution too.

  • Hobbies: Many people go to the nature. In the spring people like riding the bike, doing sports as football.


Summer- begins on June 21st. It sometimes comes a lot of earlier. The sun is shining, the sky is clear. It is warm, sometimes are big storms which bring colder weather. When is a few days still warm with no rain, there is boiling and drought. People starting to sweat and almost all are outside nearby the water. During the summer the crops ripen. At summer also grow mushrooms. The nature is green and fresh. For students summer means a two month long holiday. As soon as the school year over, people leave for their vacations.

Some people travel to foreign countries. In the summer people go swimming, some in a swimming pool and others in a river or a pond. The summer time is also an ideal time for sports. Among the favourite activities are swimming, bicycle riding, volleyball, football, tennis and hiking. But some people only lay on the beach.

  • Holiday: 4th July People in the USA celebre INDEPEDENCE DAY. People go to the park, where they have picnic. Some people make a fireworks.


Autumn- Summer is followed by autumn. Autumn begins on September 23rd. It often rains and drizzles. There is also windy, some storms, sometimes there is overcast, blizzard make a disaster like destroyed roofs, sometimes cars can fly too. However there is still warm weather it’s getting colder.

In the morning there is white fog. It is dangerous for drivers. Trees are very coloured. Days are shorter so it’s dark earlier, while nights are longer. Birds fly away to countries, where the weather is warmer. The new school year starts. Children must go to the school. Farmers harvets their fields of corn and fruit and vegetables. Everywhere there are baskets full of apples, pears and plums.


Winter: begins on December 21st. The main signs of winter are cold days and even colder nights. In the winter it is often snowing. It is cold and often is icy. Puddles and ponds are frozen and there is a lot of snow everywhere. There is also overcast and freezing. If I could I would stay all winter at home. I also don’t like winter clothes. I wear a million of clothes and its still cold, and it is also uncomfortable. When its finally getting warmer everywhere are slushes. In the mountain the snow lasts longest its amazing view to snowy scenery. And because of that most of people go to mountain. Favourite activities: children like building snowman, skating, tobogganing, playing snowball.

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