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Social issues

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SOCIAL ISSUES Addiction People can be addicted to many things. Apart from drugs people can be addicted to alcohol, shopping, coffee, eating, work, television, computers, games, love and many more things. Basically you can be addicted to anything. DRUGS Drugs could be divided into these categories: Soft drugs – alcohol, marijuana, sedatives, and mushrooms. Hard drugs – ecstasy, speed, cocaine, opium, and heroin. ILLEGAL DRUGS-COCAINE, LSD, ECTASY, HEROINE, CANNABIS LEGAL DRUGS- TOBACCO and ALCOHOL Tobacco is one of the most widely used addictive substances in this country. Unemployment Causes of unemployment can be technological changes in industry or (not only) racial discrimination or lack of adequate skills. Handicapped people, ex-prisoners, fresh graduates without any practical training and experience, elderly, women and people with low qualification, lower education are endangered by unemployment. Poverty Cause of poverty can be natural factors such as climate or environment or geographic factors, unemployment, lack of rule, law and democracy, lack of health care, lack of education, lack of freedom and crime Effects of poverty The poverty can result for example depressions, injuries prone to commit suicide, hunger, high crime rate, terrorism, racism, discrimination, homelessness, lack of opportunities for employment, low education, low qualification skills, social isolation, drug abuse A disability may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, and developmental or some combination of these. Disability means that the health is damaged so that the person is not able to use his/her body or mind properly (perfectly, in the right way) Types of disability are: Down´s Syndrome, Alzheimer´s disease, Parkinson´s disease, Sensory disability - blind, deaf people or hard of hearing people, Mental disorders - Schizophrenia - border disorder of personality Aids for disabled people Hearing aid, white cane, wheelchair Social services are Social counselling, Personal assistance, Day care centre and week care centre CRIME AND PUNISMENT Crime has been a growing problem all over the world in last 30 years. Most crime is against property, not people. Property crimes thrive on the easy opportunity and are often committed by young people. Minor offences:Drivers offences, Shoplifting, (krádež v obchodě),Pickpocketing (kapesní krádeže) Crime against property:Arson (žhářství), Burglary (vloupání) Hooliganism (chuligánství) Robbery (krádež) Crime against people:Assault (útok, napadení) Rape (znásilnění) Blackmail (vydírání) Kidnapping (unesení) Mugging (loupežné napadení), Murder (vražda) The Czech Day Against Cancer Our school participated in the Czech day against cancer Last year. It´s a Traditional public collection of the League Against Cancer. All collected money is used to fight cancer - spreading cancer prevention, improving quality of life for cancer patients, support cancer research. Each of us got 6 packages of flowers. Every year the flowers have a different colour of ribbons. Last year they were violet. The each flower cost a minimum of 30 Czech crowns. But a lot of people gave more money. On this day you can see almost everyone with one flower pinned to their clothes. I also buy one every year.

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