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New England

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New England States New England is a region in thenortheast of the US consisting of6 statesMaineNew HampshireVermontMassachusettsRhode IslandsConnecticut Cities Boston (Massachusetts) isthe largest city in New England (645 000), part of the metropolitan area “Greater Boston”Plymouth (Massachusetts) isthe oldest city, where thefirst passengers of the Mayflower ship grounded thePlymouth ColonyCambridge (Massachusetts) –Harvard College is thereNew Heaven (Connecticut) –Yale University is thereWorchester –the second largest city in New England Famous Americans of this region 85% of the population areWhite Americans (the most in the US)1/5 of the population hasIrish roots, PuritansSir John Smith – gave the regionits nameSamuel Slater – established acotton-spinning mill that revolutionized the textile productionBenjamin Franklin – one ofthe founding fathers of the USAEdgar Allan Poe – born in Boston (Massachusetts)Jack Kerouac – born in Lowell Others New England is acentre of education, technology and medicineEducation: Universities of the Ivy league are located in the region Harvard College (Boston, Massachusetts) Yale University (New H aven, Connecticut, the first university to award Ph.D.) Brown University Dartmouth College Massachusetts Institute of Technology (an elite and modern engineering university)It has a verydiverse geography Rolling hills, mountains and lakes in the inland Swamps and sandy beaches on the coast Connecticut river, Lake ChamplainBefore the stock market crash (1929) it used to be America’s richest and most cultured regionAfter that it was economically depressed, politically corrupt and defeatedNow they are leaders in education and a popular touristic region

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