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English speaking countries

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25.MO – The English speaking countries - Canada, Australia, New Zeland - the British commonwealth of Nations - travelling around the world Osnova: Canada – geography, population, symbols, history, political system, places of interestAustralia – geohraphy, ….New Zeland – geography, …The British commonwealth – what is it, members, historyTravelling around the world – in which country, why, how 1. CANADA: Geography: Located in northern North America 2nd largest country in the world Area almost 10 million sq. km Land borders with United States Divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories Largest province is Quebec Capital city Ottawa Surrounded by Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Ocean Highest mountain Mount Logan (around 6000 m) Longest rivers Mackenzie river, Yukon Biggest lake is Lake Superior in Great lakes located on border with USA, Great Bear Lake in Northwest Territories In border also Niagara FallsPopulation: 36 million inhabitants In Ottawa 750 000 Most concentrated near the boarder 3 indigenous nations: First Nations, Inuits and Metis Official languages are French and EnglishHistory: The first Europeans were the Norsemen, arriving in Newfoundland around 1000 AD. In the 15th century an Italian sailor John Cabot explored the coast of Canada and claimed it for England. In the W. W. I. automatically because of Great Britain 1919 tried to stand alone April 1982 new constitution - independenceNational symbols: Anthem Ó Canada Flag – the flag consists of a red field with a white square in the centre. On the square there is a red maple leafPolitical system Member or British commonwealth of Nations Constitutional monarchy Reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Represented by the General Governor (Julie Payette) Party system in parliament with the majority party – party leader is prime ministerPlaces of interest Quebec – one of the oldest cities in North America, speaks French Toronto – largest city, CN Tower Niagara Falls Banff NP Sport events: NBA, NHL, curling, lacrosse, Winter Olympic games in Vancouver (2010) 2. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: Geography Biggest island Smallest continent Between Indian and Southern Ocean Consists of 6 states and 2 territories Capital is Canberra Deserts – The Great Victoria Desert, Simpson desert Rivers – Murray, Darling Lakes – Eyre, Torrens The great barrier reef – the biggest coral reef Ayers rock Uluru – large sandstone rock Highest mountain? Mount Kosciuszko (2300 m) Endemic species – kangaroos (symbols), emu, koala, platypus, dingo Weather – warm summer/mild winterPopulation 22 million inhabitants 70 % lives in big cities (because of natural conditions – deserts, …) None official language – most of them speaks English Native inhabitants are Aborigines Currency is Australian dollar History 50000 BC – Aborigines arrived 1606 – first sighting of Australia by Europeans explorers were A. Tasman, W. Dampier 1770 – New South Wales (east side of Australia) claimed as British colony by James Cook 1788 – first Flut of 11 ships sailed from Portsmouth to Botany Bay today it is National day 1850 – Gold rush – immigrants 1901 – The commonwealth of Australia was founded, and the 6 colonies federated as sovereign statesNational symbols Flag: British flag on a large blue field with 5 stars plus the large white 7 - pointed star under the British Union Jack which symbolises 6 Australian states, the seventh point represents Australian territories. Anthem: Advance Australia fairPolitical system Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy Head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. Represented by General Governor (Peter Crosgove)Places of interest Sydney – biggest city, Opera house, Sydney Harbour bridge, Bondi beach Great barrier reef Uluru Melbourne – second largest city Sport events: Australian open, rugby, surfing, Olympic games in Sydney in 2000 (second) 3. NEW ZELAND: Geography Consist of 2 large islands – North Island and South Island Separated by Cook´s channel In the Pacific Ocean Mainly mountains – highest is Mount Cook (3700 m) Volcanic area (Mount Ruapehu) Lake Taupo River Waikato Capital city Wellington Weather: mild ocean climate (also 4 seasons), mild winter, hot summerPopulation 4,5 million inhabitants Mainly on north island Original inhabitants were the Maori Official languages are Maori and EnglishHistory First European who explored it was Abel Tasman In 18th century James Cook 1907 became a dominion within the British empire 1951 NZ wool boom – biggest economic boom in history of NZNational Symbols Flag: Blue field with the British Union Jack and 4 red stars Anthem: God defend New ZealandPolitical system Constitutional monarchy Head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. Represented by General Governor Dame Patsy Reddy Multi-party system – dominant are Labour Party and National PartyPlaces of interest Auckland – largest city Fiordland national park Abel Tasman NP TheCommonwealth of Nations is avoluntary association of 53 sovereign statesfor example: Bangladesh, Cyprus, India, Malta and many more. Head is since April 2018 Prince Charles who replaced Queen Elizabet II. at her wish. Travelling around the world zeptat se učitelky, spíš z hlavy

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