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Prague and other interesting places in Czech Republic

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Prague and other interesting places in Czech Republic There are a lot of interesting places to see and visit not only in Prague, but in the whole country. In the Czech Republic we can find many historical monuments, castles, cathedrals and 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of them is the historic centre of Prague. Prague is the most popular city in the Czech Republic and very important political and cultural centre of the country and residence of the Czech Government. It’s also one of the most visited European cities. There are a lot of historical monuments. The most known is Prague Castle. It’s a castle complex from 9th century. was a residence of Czech kings and now it’s the official office of the president. Prague castle is also the largest ancient castle in the world in terms of area. The castle is the number one tourist attraction with more than 1.8 million visitors per year. It’s located in a neighbourhood called Hradčany. As a part of the Prague Castle complex, we can find St. Vitus Cathedral. It’s the largest and the most important temple in Prague. Inside the cathedral are kept the Bohemian Coronation Jewels, as well as the tomb of the duke St. Wenceslas. Another of Prague’s symbols is Charles Bridge. Another symbol of Prague is the most famous bridge over the River Vltava, called Charles Bridge. It was built by King Charles IV. in 1357. The bridge is decorated by alley of 30 statues. On the bridge we can see many artists and musicians every day. Between Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, there is another square called Old Town Square. Old Town Square is the centre of historical Prague. It’s well known for the Old Town Hall with astronomical clock with 12 apostles called Orloj. Wenceslas square is a more commercial centre of Prague. There are many shops, hotels and restaurants. On the top of the square there’s the building of the National Museum, the biggest and oldest museum in the Czech Republic. Under the museum we can find the statue of St. Wenceslas riding a horse. Another famous monument is Vyšehrad castle. It’s a historic fort near the Vltava River, built in the 10th century. There are many more things to see in Prague, but also in other cities. For example, in Český Krumlov. It’s a town with historic centre and castle belonging to UNESCO. The castle complex includes around 40 buildings, including old palaces, castle courts, and garden and old Baroque theatre. Another city with famous monuments in Czech Republic is Kutná Hora. Since 1995, the city centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important building is the Saint Barbara’s Church, built in 14th century. It’s one of the most famous Gothic churches in central Europe. A part of Kutná Hora called Sedlec, is home to a sensational chapel full of bones and skeletons. There are between 40,000 and 70,000 human bones decorating the chapel. The second-largest city in Czech Republic, Brno, has a lot to offer too. For example, the beautiful Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, one of the Czech Republic's most important national monuments. Another one, Špilberk Castle, originally a royal castle from 13th century. There is also another one of Czech UNESCO Sites, Villa Tugendhat built in 20th century, representing modernist architecture.

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