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Spending the sales budget

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Spending the sales budget (Aspects of sales, sales techniques, making recommendations how to cut or increase the budget) Planning is the most important. Planning the time and the way that you’re going to deal and which centres are you going to visit. It is important to do a list of different areas where you think you can get those sales. For example where you want to go next, what product you want to coming out, what sales do you want to achieve. And also you potential customers and you current customers, you have to focus on them. The sales reps decide how to your sales. This reps’ knowledge of your product allows building a better customer relationship. Retail Marketing presents concepts of all marketing activities related to persuading the end customer to purchase a company's products at a retail outlet or store. Advertising includes concepts of product branding, consumer behaviour, marketing communication, and public relations. Branding is the process of creating a distinct image of a product. You should focus on what you can do for the customer that is different from what the competition can do. You should visit them at least six time a year and maintain your relationship with them. For the new and potential customers you should make some program including discount, members’ card and small gifts. Satisfied customers bring new customers. Use this as a sales strategy and show your prospects that your product works for others. Instead of stating what your company can do, show what you’ve already done for others. Telling a story is something we all learned to do at a very young age. This sales technique takes that skill and applies it to an email. You bring your prospect through a journey similar to their own to show that their challenges are solvable. Focus on the data, data doesn't lie, so listening to the numbers is a critical component to your sales success. At the meeting, you will be able to make suggestion about how to cut the budget. I am submitting this report to suggest which firm our company should use. The aim of this report is to make a recommendation on how to solve the problem. I am writing to suggest you buy the new IT solutions equipments. We recommend that all employees use email to send documents. At the recent board meeting the board was decided to increase the number of sales staff.

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