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12 - Australia

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12. Australia BASIC FACTS − Australia lies between the Pacific and Indian Ocean – It is located 2.000 km from New Zealand − The population of Australia is nearly 23 million − English is the major language in Australia POLITICS − Australia is a part of the British Commonwealth − It is a constitutional monarchy − The head of state is the monarch of the United Kingdom – Queen Elizabeth II − Her representative is the Governor General − The head of the government is the Prime Minister CITIES − The capital city of Australia is Canberra • It is located in the territory of ACT (Australian Capital Territory) • It is in the south – east of Australia − Sydney is Australia’s largest city • It is located in the state of New South Wales • It is in the south - east of Australia to the north of Canberra − Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia • It is located in the state of Victoria • It is on the south - east coast to the south – west of Canberra − Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia • It is located in the state of Queensland • It is on the east coast of Australia GEOGRAPHY − Australia consists of 6 states and 2 main territories − Although Australia is a country, it is also the smal est continent in the world. − The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world − Mount Kosciuszko is the highest peak on the Australian mainland − Deserts cover a significant part of Australia − There are also rainforests inthe north-east of Australia THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA − The native people of Australia are called Aborigines − There were no people there before that − The first Europeans started significantly settling Australia at the end of 18th century WILDLIFE − There are a lot of unique animals in Australia − Kangaroos are very typical animals of Australia − The koala is another typical marsupial living in Australia − The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial predator living onthe island of Tasmania FAMOUS PEOPLE − Nicole Kidman is a famous Australian actress. − The singer Kylie Minogue comes from Australia POPULAR SPORTS − Australian Football and Rugby League are the most popular sports. − Cricket is another popular sport − Australians also enjoy Rugby Union and field hockey

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