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16. Education, my school

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16. EDUCATION, MY SCHOOL MY SCHOOL I attendGymnázium Jakuba Škody in Přerovit’sa state grammar school with more than 140-years history and is one of the top secondary schools in the Czech Republic there are taught allcompulsory subjects such asSocial Studies, Chemistry, languages, Physics, Mathematics and othersthere are also severaloptional subjects which students can choosein our school there are about23 classes withmore than 600 students from the age of 11 to the age of 19one part of our school isthe eight-year study andthe second part isthe four-year study which I attend the eight-year study is for talentedpupils finishing the 5thclass of primary school the four-year study is ideal forpupils finishing the 9th class of the primary school who plan to study at university or who have not decided yet what they want to do in life our school issituated in Komenský Street not far from the city centreit’s also close to the train and bus station which is advantage for students who commute our lessonsstart at 7:50 a.m. and each lesson is45 minutes long schoolbreaks last from 5 to 20 minutesthe school year lasts from September to June and is divided into2 terms which end withschool report July and August are dedicated tosummer holidays our school is located ina historical buildingit hasground floor,2 main floors and2 additional on the first floor we can findanotice-board with information and timetables almost each subject has its specialized classroom or laboratory f.ex.the specialized classrooms forChemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History...other school facilities includea students‘ cafeteria, gym andoutdoor sports groundas a part of our PE lessons students take part inski courses (in the second year of study) andsport course either in Croatiaor rafting on the Vltava River(in the third year of study) PHOTOS PROM the typical prom in the Czech Republic doesn’t have a queen or kingit usuallystarts at 7 p.m. withdance performance orpromenade of studentsgirls wearlong expensive dresses andboys weartuxedos CANTEEN the canteen is not part of our school → we have tocross the streetlunches are very cheap there → for28 CZK you get a soup, main course, salad and water or teawe choose from3 meals but we have to order it at least one day in advance PE

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