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The most Remarkable English Cathedrals

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The most Remarkable English Cathedrals Salisbury “Cathedral of Saint Mary”Located:west from LondonStyle: leading example ofEarly English (gothic) architectureFamous for thetallest church spire in UK thelargest cloister and thelargest cathedral close in UK Has 1 of the 4 original copies ofMagna Carta Canterbury Located:East from London (Kent) Style:gothic (rebuild after big fire, 12th century)Famous for: Seat of theArchbishop of Canterbury Thomas Beckett wasmurdered there Thecrypt, containsfamous tombs (Henry IV, Black Prince…),vaulted ceilings Marble chair, that’s been used to enthrone new archbishops Exeter Located:DevonStyle:Decorated gothicFamous for: Seat of thebishop of Exeter Beautifulrib-vaulted ceiling, finelycarved choir, hugebishop’s throne Unusualastrological clock York Located:Northern England Style:Gothic Famous for: One of the largest cathedrals in northern Europe Seat of thearchbishop of York York“Minster” = a missionary church est. in theAnglo-Saxon period Thefine stained glass from Middle Ages Coventry “St. Michael’s Cathedral”Located:Northwest from LondonStyle:20th century architecture + ruins of the gothicFamous for: Seat of thebishop of Exeter Themodern cathedral was built after the two previous ones were destroyed/bombed Has astrong emphasis on Bible – a centre for good preaching

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