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1. Maturitni otazka_Prostejov

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HISTORY OF PROSTĚJOV Prostějov is a city in the Olomouc Region. It is 17 kilometers southwest of Olomouc. Today the city is known for his fashion industry and special military forces. The town came into existence in 1141 as a small village of Prostějovice, deriving this name from Lord Prostěj. In 1390 Prostějov became a city in the fact. In 15th century Prostějov was burned. The city started the construction of stone walls with 4 gates and bastions. On the end of the 16th century the town became the property of the Liechtenstein. There was printed the first Czech book in Moravia. In 17th century city broke out a fire. Burned down the town hall, school and church. Then the city is reconstructed and begins getting the Baroque style. In half of the 18th century is a rapid development of the food, textile and clothing industry. In 19th and 20th century changed the face to the secession style. From Prostějov is many famous people. Poet Jiří Wolker, scientist and inventor of contact lenses Otto Wichterle, philosopher Edmund Husserl and ghotic architect Matěj Rejsek. Prostejov is city of culture and sports. In May there are The Championship of the Czech Republic and World Championship in Disco Dance. From Prostějov is many famous athletes, for example tenis player Petra Cetkovská, hockey player Lukáš Krajíček, etc. TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN PROSTĚJOV In Prostějov is a lot of important buildings. For example: New City Hall was build in secession style in 20th century. It has a 66 meters high tower with astronomical clock. Architect was Karel Kepka. Today it houses the mayor and you can find the offices of magistrate. One of the oldest buildings isChurch of Holy Cross, built towards the end of the 14th century. Architect is unknown. Now it is in the Baroque style. Among other sights, there is theProstějov Castle at Pernštýn square, completed in early 16th century in the Renaissance style. National Houseis one of the architectonic dominants of Prostějov. It was bulit at the beginning of the 20th century by architect Jan Kotěra. It is built in secession style. Museum was completed in 16th century and served as City Hall. It is in Renaissance style. Špalíčekis situatednear themuseum. It's former Jewish ghetto Around the Prostějov is a lot of interesting places. For example you can visitedNew Castle Plumlov. It was built in 17th century by family of Liechtenstein and is in baroque and renaissance style. Next interesting place isCastle Čechy pod Kosířem. In 18th century it was rebuild from Baroque to Empire style. If you like castles you should visit Castle Náměšť na Hané or Bouzov.Castle Náměšť na Hané was build in 18th century in baroque style.ButBouzov was build in 14th century.Thecastlecould be seenin several films, for examplePrincess Jasnenka. If you don´t like history butnature, you should also visit Javořišcké caves or Mladečské caves. Very interesting is also Moravian Karst. It’s system of 4 very beautiful caves

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