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1) System of government in GB

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5. System of government in GB  constitutional monarchy (the power is limited by constitution – they don’t have a written constitution)  parliamentary democracy  queen Elisabeth II.  3 branches – executive, legislative, judicial LEGISLATIVE  Parliament – House of Lords (upper chamber) and House of Commons (lower chamber), seat in Palace of Westminster o House of Lords  members are not elected  they are “born” to the house  no salary  they may delay laws or change them (than it goes back, if they agree queen signs it)  3 types of people in the House of Lords  Lords spiritual (bishops and arcibishops of the english church) – 26 members  Lords temporal (life peers – appointed by the queen, hereditary peers – their seat is inherited, 92)  number of members is not fixed (nowadays 798 members) o House of Commons  majority voting system – in each country several candidates and winner takes it all (+stronger parliament, - small parties have no chance at getting heard)  650 members  they approve taxes and make laws  The speaker (president of the House of Commons) – he is elected by its members, strictly non-partisan, doesn’t vote EXECUTIVE  government – prime minister (T. May) + ministers  they run the country, prepare budget and propose the height of taxes  queen Elisabeth II. o official head of state o formal duties:  as Head of State, the Queen represents the UK abroad and invites other world leaders to visit the UK  as Head of the Armed Forces, only the Queen can declare when the UK is at war or when war is over  as Head of the Church of England, she appoints bishops and archbishops  as a political entity, the Queen has to read and sign government and Commonwealth documents every day  signs the laws and summons new parliament JUDICIAL  system of courts  highest is the court of Appeal (new one, in history it was House of Lords) POLITICAL PARTIES  two big ones – Conservative (right wing) and Labour party (left wing)  third biggest ones are Liberal Democrats 1215 – Magna Charta (king John Lackland) – it was the fall of absolutism in GB and the start of parliament (it limited the king’s power)

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