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6.The Czech Republic – famous politicians Who do you think the most famous/influential personalities in your country were/are?Why do you think they are still remembered?Choose one or two and talk about them. I hope that there are many important politicians in the Czech history and it is impossible to mention all of them. So I chose those one, who are in my opinion the most famous and important. Firstly, it is Frankish merchantSamo. It was ruler of the first known Slavic state in Central Europe, nowadays in Moravia. After him, I hope the most famous ruler isCharles4th.He was one of the most important monarchs of the middle age. This Czech King of the Luxembourg dynasty even became the Holy Roman Emperor in the half of 14.Century. He is known for found Charles University, build the Charles Bridge, which is the oldest bridge at Vltava and the castle Karlštejn. Now let’s speak about person, who is mostly known for his hobby.Rudolph II was passionate sponsor of science and the arts (especially occult arts). He was the member of House of Habsburg, holy Roman Emperor and the King of Bohemia. Let’s move a bit further from middle age. I believe that for Czech state is important the first president of Czechoslovakia. It isTomáš Garrigue Masaryk. He was a professor and member of Austrian imperial council. He supported democratic politics. We call The first republic a period of time from the formation of Czechoslovakia state (1918) to 1938. The reign of communism was stopped by the Velvet revolution in 1989: The leading figure of this wasVaclav Havel. He was on the first spokesmen of Charter 77 and after the revolution he became a president. He died in 2011. Finally I would to say a few words about previous president of the Czech Republic,Václav Klaus. It was the first president, whom I gave the attention (before that I was too young). Before becoming the president, he was a prime minister. Nowadays he is known economist and strong opponent of global warming. I hope that in contrast with modern politicians, the “older” kings and emperors are more favourite. Maybe it is because of a long time, maybe because it is true- but I hope that from the most of Czech nation you wouldn´t hear a bad word about Charles4th for example, but you would hear lot of complying to present government.

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