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11. Culture

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Culture in young people´s lifeCinema / Theatre/BooksMusic / DancingClubbingCultural events in CR, Hradec KrálovéDress codeYour preferences 11. Culture Culture plays a very important role in our lives. Our life without any culture would be boring and grey. It also helps us to develop our creative skills. We can go to the cinema, to the theatre, we can visit a museum or a gallery, and we can go to a concert and so on. We have many kinds of entertainment, which we can do. Forms of entertainment are very different from forms of entertainment in past. Also in the big cities there are more kinds of entertainment than in the small cities. Cultural life is very wide term, everybody imagine different things. CINEMA Going to the cinema is very popular activity. The cinema is the building in which new films are shown. The popularity of the cinema has declined over the last 25 years thanks the televisions and DVD. We have several types of films: feature films, documentaries, cartoons, comedy films, serious films, musicals, westerns, horror films, war films or thrillers. THEATRE The other possibility of entertainment is going to the theatre. The people who go to the theatre to watch a play are the audience who sit in the auditorium. The people who perform on the stage are the actors and actresses. The play may be tragedy, a serious play, opera, ballet, musical or comedy. There is also the director who directs the players. When we go to the theatre, we would dress polite clothes up. You need to wear formal clothes. Men should dress up jacket, tie or bowtie and shirt. Women may have dress or skirt with blouse and court shoes. MUSEUMSCultural life includes also visiting museums. There are many kinds of museums. These can be museum of history, agriculture, industry, technical museum and others. Often there is a guide, who takes us around the museum. BOOKSReading is another source of knowledge and culture. A book answers whole series of our questions. Books are still more expensive and that’s why there are many libraries around us, which lend us many kinds of books. Nowadays is population facing up to the problem of hurry life. They often prefer other activities, which they don’t found as wasting of time. CULTURAL LIFE IN OUR TOWNHradec Králové can offer many possibilities to improve your cultural life. On the Main Square you will find theGallery of Modern Art with the Czech visual art 19th and 20th century. Almost every day playsKlicpera´s Theater, one of the best regional drama theater in the republic.The Philharmonic states several concerts per week. The unrivaled art institution is theThe Puppet Theater Drak.Cinestar multiplex cinema plays daily,The Cinema Centrál offers a diverse selection of art-films. Attractive programs are offered inAdalbertinum and theCity Music Hall. decline – poklesnout cartoons - kreslené filmy court shoes – lodičky Czech visual art - české výtvarné umění state – uvádět unrivaled – bezkonkurenční diverse – rozmanitý lack - nedostatek Jiráskovy sadycomes alive by the series ofevents. Thousands of spectators are attracted by the Annual commemoration tothe Battle of 1866 Chlum,the festivals of Queen Elisabeth,Museum of Advent and Christmas marketsand others. One full week in October is designed forjazz festival Jazz Goes to Town ME AND CULTURE

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