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Education in the GB

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Education in the GB - the education system of the United Kingdom is different in each of the four countries EnglandScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland - education is compulsory for all children between 5 and 16 age 1) NURSERY SCHOOL/ PLAYSCHOOL= pre - school education – 2 or 3 - 5 age – played all the time – learn colours – usually paid 2) PRIMARY SCHOOL = 5 to 11 years – lessons start at 8:30/9 pm – 5 pm – children have registration at first – they have swipe cards (enter the school, each classroom) – the have money on swipe card for cantin – reading, writing, counting – no home works – projects, group works – have school uniforms (social problems in the class) – they get free lunch for the first two years – break they play: hopscotch (= panák)skippingroap (= skoky přes švihadlo)play tag (= honička)football – all the schools are local (you belong to one school) 3) SECONDARY SCHOOL = 12 to 16 years Secondary Comprehensive School - local (you belong there) - majority (= většina) - free (state school) - no entrance exams - several types/names: Academy, Community School, Free School Grammar Schools (only about 3% of students go there) - selective schools - entrance exams - not very popular (in some places there are none) - academic style of education Independent Schools - also known asPublic Schools - private, could be same - paid - could be a boarding school (something as Hogwarts in Harry Potter, student are sleep there) - most famous is ETON (prince William) - very formal uniforms - at the age of 16GSCE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) - at secondary schools - exams - organised by state - usually done from 6 - 8 subjects - it is state organized 8 – 10 subjects PASS - you study 6th FORM (NEXT 2 YEARS OF SCHOOL) A - levels after 6th FORMsometimes called GCSE advancelike maturita exam4 subjects (can be 3)sometimes exams for universities FAIL - you can go to work or have special training - about 30% fail for the first time - you try again UNIVERSITY EDUCATION all universities are paid (around 9000 a year)no money student loan (pay back after finishing university) = půjčkamost famous are Oxford and Cambridgeyou can get a scholarshipdegrees of university:BA Bachelor of ArtsBSc Bachelor of ScienceMA Master of ArtsMSc Master of SciencePhD Doctorate degree

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