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11. Maturitní téma - Canada

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CANADA Capital city: Ottawa (in the south-east) Other important cities: TorontoMontrealQuebec (in the east)Vencouver (in the south-west)Calgary (in the middle-west)Edmonton Geographic position: Canada lies on the North American continent. Between the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic oceans. It borders the USA. Area: Canada occupies the area of 10 mil. sq. km. Population: 30 million inhabitants. First people was Indians and Inuits, second was people of the British and French descent and now there are many minorities. Symbols: mapleice hockeyCanadial dollarflag - The flag is consist in 3 stripes. 2 red stripes on the marging and white square in the middle in which is red 11 pointed maple leaf Subdivision: Canada is divided into - 10 provinces2 territories (have no self government) Political system: The head of the state is the British Monarch, so it´s a constitutional monarchy, but in real it´s a federal republic.Guvernor General represents the British Monarch in their absence.Prime Minister is head of the GovernmentParliament - 2 chambers - the Senate (they are apointed by the provinces) House of Commons (they are elected by the canadian people) International organization: The Canada belongs to - UNNATOWHO, WTOCommonwealthG8NAFTA Economy and business: Canada belongs to G8 -> economically strong developedsecond largest exporter of wheat -> agriculture, fishing, hi-tech, car industry, tourismCanada is rich in mineral resources = oil, gold, coal, uranium, iron Climate: mild in coastal areascols on arctic elsewhere Landscape: west - hilly with mountains (the Rocky M.)east - flat with prairiesNiagara, Ottawa

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