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USA USA is situated in the southern part of North America. The capital city is Washington D.C. Its neighbours are Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. The USA is the third biggest country on the world in both size and population. The climate is very various. There is artic cold in Northern Alaska and subtropical warmth in Hawai. Cause of mountainous character the Rocky Mountains, the Coastal Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains and for example the Alaska Range, there is the highest mountain – Mount McKinley, it was renamed by Obama and the new name is Denali. It was also origin Indian name. The longest rivers are the Mississippi and the Missouri. There are many lakes too, mainly in the Great lakes Region. The USA lakes Superior – the second biggest lake in the world, Huron, Ontario, Michigan ang many others. We can visit a lot of NP in the USA, for instance Yellowstone NP, Yosemite NP, Grand Canyon NP and many others. The population in the USA is about 300 million people. It is really multicultural country, there live about 100 major ethnic and that is the reason why is America usually called melting pot or the pizza. Americans speak English, but there are many differences between American and British English in spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation, for example shop and store, programme and program, subway and underground and many others. Although Chritopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, there had been Vikings with Leif Ericson around the year 1000. The first English colony was in Virginia. Protestants who came in America by ship Mayflower. There was War of independence from 1775 to 1783. It started by Boston Tea party and the result was the Declaration of Independence, written mainly by Thomas Jefferson. Civil war 1861 – 1865 between the north and south was because north wanted to cancel slaves and slaves were essential for south. The USA took a part in the first and the second world war and there was long conflict between USA and Russia called Cold war. The USA is made of 50 states. The flag consists of two parts: smaller blue with 50 stars witch symbolizing 50 American states and larger – 6 white and 7 red stripes. Flag is called Old Glory or simply Stars and Stripes. National anthem is called The Star-Spangled Banner. President Donald Trump is a head of state. White house is his residence. The main body of American political system is called Congress - its seat is in the Capitol. The Congress is divided into two parts - the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are two main political parties in the USA - The Democratic Party and The Republican Party. Washington is the capitol city of the USA, but it is not the biggest. There are not skyscrapers because no building can be higher than White house – residence of president, there is Capitol and the Pentagon which is centre of military forces. New York is the biggest city. It is sometimes called Big Apple. There live about 9 million inhabitants, but during the day there is about 20 million people. It consists of five parts: Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan, which Dutch bought from Indians and called it New Amsterdam. There are many skyscrapers, the highest is One world trade centre. It is built near place, where was World trade centre, which was destroyed by terrorist attack in 2001.Wall Streetis street in Manhattan and t is seat New York Stock Exchange.Broadwayis the oldest main north - south street in the city. Many theatres are located here, even Broadway Theatre. Many universities located in New York, for exampleCity University of New York, Columbia UniversityandFordham University. Los Angeles is the second largest city. You can find here Hollywood famous film centre, which was really holly wood in the past, Beverly Hills with luxurious houses and the biggest ZOO in the world.

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