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12. British literature

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12. British literature One of the most important personalities of 14th century was Geoffrey Chaucer. His masterpiece is Canterbury Tales and they are four stories about 30 pilgrims travelling to Canterbury. It is in verse. William Shakespeare came from 16th century and he was one of the greatest dramatists. He was a poet as well. He was born in Stratford upon Avon on 1564. He died on the same day as he was born. He married Anne Hathaway. He left to London. He became an actor. At the begging he rewrote old plays and later he started write his own plays. He bought Globe theatre. He wrotecomedies like Merchant of Venice, Midsummer Night Dreams, Much ado about nothing, Merry Wife’s of Windsor, Taming of the Shrew, historicalplays like Richard II., III., Henry IV., V., VI. andtragedies like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, prince of Denmark, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear. He was translated by Josef Václav Sládek. He wrote over 150 sonnets and 37 plays. Queen Elizabeth I. loved him. John Milton is the main figure of 17th century. His masterpiece is Paradise Lost, which is about the revolt of Satan against Heaven and God. In 18thJohnatan SwiftDaniel Defoe was a politician, traveller and journalist. His most famous work is Robinson Crusoe. Robinson shipwrecked on a lonely island. S. Walter ScottL. G. G. ByronP. B. Shelly represents also as a Byron revolutionary romanticism. His greatest work is Prometheus Unbound, based on an old Greek legend about Prometheus who steals fire from Olympus to give it to people. Emily Brönte -Wuthering Hights, dark story, full of violence, revenge (Catherine and Heathcliff)Charlotte Brönte -Charles DickensW. M. ThackerayOscar WildeDorian Gray is man who loves himself so much that he doesn’t grow old and his portrait grows old instead of him and it shown all his sins, although real Dorian is still young and nice. Oscar Wilde is also known for his fairy tales The happy prince, The nightingale and the Rose. British literature of the 20th century depicts the changes and new political ideas, which were influenced by the rapid technical progress, the invention of cars and aeroplanes, and by the events of the First and Second World War. Sir Arthur Conan DoyleAgatha ChristieGeorg Bernar ShawRudyard KiplingGeorge OrwellJohn Ronald Reuel Tolkien was philologist and writer. He became a professor of Anglo Saxon and English language and literature at Oxford University. His first fantasy novel is The Hobbit: or There and Back Again. During and after the war Tolkien continued the story in the trilogy The Lord of the Ring, which became one of the most popular works of fiction of the 20thJ. K. RowlingSamuel Beckett won a Nobel Prize. His famous play is called Waiting for Godot.

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