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6. Youth culture - P

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6. Youth culture Young people and their lifestyles It is natural that each generation of young people differs from the one before it. Our grandparents lived in totally different conditions which influenced their behavior, attitude and values. Young people are hugely influenced by the time in which they grow up and live. Differences in fashion Young people prefer to wear brand name clothing, like Nike and Kenvelo, but more and more young people are also dressing in sexy styles - especially girls - they wear miniskirts and tidy tops, which show every part of their body. Most girls are extremely careful about their make-up and hairstyle. Using modern technologies Young people cannot imagine their lives without using a computer and mobile phones. They use them not only for work, but also for searching any information and for shopping online, internet banking etc. Opportunities for young people Most young people are self-confident as they are taught independence and assertiveness these days. They have clear vision of what they want to achieve, or what their parents want them to achieve, and try to reach them. The one thing most young people desire is independence. At the age of 18, people officially come of age and are expected to take care of them. In the developed world, young people are usually well-educated and experienced. Many of these young people have a lot of opportunities to study or work abroad. They see it as chances to earn money, gain experience and improve language. Roles in the family The young are full of ideals. They fall in love very often and they are very sensible. Many young people today start their own families later in life than their parents did. Many work on their career first and get married in their thirties. In modern families, young people try to respect each other and it usually does not matter to a husband if his wife earns more money. Differences in discipline Young people usually know their rights and they fight for it. To older people young people seem to be cheeky and impolite. But sometimes opposite is true. Discipline in families isn´t so strict like it was. Friendship Friendship is very important for all young people. They like to make friends with people of their own age with similar hobbies. They have their best friend whom they confide in., but when someone betrays them, they take it very seriously. The English proverb goes: Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is a half sorrow. It is absolutely true. it is better to tell somebody about your problems or on the other hand share happiness with other. Problems of young generation On the other hand, young generation have also some problems. They want to be the best. It has already resulted in much loneliness, depression, drug or alcohol addiction and even suicide. All parents want their child to be the best and most polite. They plan out their child´s career without knowing what the young person feels. Parents often fail to understand that children do have their own dreams and visions. When the young stand up for their opinions, arguments may break out. One of the most serious challenges young people face these days are drugs. The most frequently classifications used is intosoft and hard drugs. Examples of soft drugs includecigarettes orcaffeine. Symptoms can be red eyes, tiredness, and joking, uncoordinated movements. Consequences can be cancer, depression, anxiety. Hard drugs often include illegal drugs only such asheroin, cocaine, sedatives, and adhesives. Legal hard drugs only include alcohol. Teenagers which are in drug addicts may start dressing or behaving in a new way, or even leave home suddenly. They get out of touch with long-time friends and for new ones who have similar interests and face the same problems. Another problem is school. Some people are too lazy to go there, sometimes they play truant because they are afraid about mark, teachers of schoolmates, whom can bulling him or her. Teenage years can be very difficult. They don’t have enough money. They can earn some money at brigade-work, but that disappear so fast as that came up. A big problem for young people is unemployment. Most of employers and firms want employ someone who already have experience. And when you leave university and have no job before and not even yet you haven’t a right to accept burro. In our country there is accommodation problem, too. In large cities most of young people live with their parents or grandparents, because here is very high absence cheep flats. YOUTH:APPEARANCE:MODE:CHARACTER:INTERESTS:THEIR PROBLEMS:GENERATION GAP:NEGATIVE FEATURES:POSSIBILITIES: in this modern era – many chances to study (various primary, secondary schools, universities, language schools, courses, study abroad...), or work (a lot of free positions – gastronomy, science, services, work abroad). The Young and their worldIn american movies are teenagers often described as young people who dont care about study, they just wanna party. But I‘ m sure that‘ s not true. Maybe there are some differences. Different countries have different ways of life. Advantages and disadvantages of being youngBeing young has manyadvantages:Being young can also have somedisadvantages.- older people don’t understand you – they have different opinions – starší ľudia ti nerozumejú – oni majú odlišné názory There are two groups of young people. The first group is formed by teenagers in the age of 15-20. These people aren’t children no more, but not yet adults. They attend school and they still live with their parents. It is quite simple to influence them. They are influenced by parents, friends and of course by society. They only want to find themselves, their lifestyle and their place in society. They want to form their personality and want to find their own style. They like to experiment with their image. They experiment with their clothes very often. There are lot of reasons for it, for example if they want to fit in with friends and imitate them. The

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