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16 - Ernest Hemingway

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16. Ernest Hemingway − He was born in 21st July 1899 in Il inois in the USA − He had 4 sisters and a brother − He was married four times − He was an American reporter, novelist and short story writer − He lived in the 20th century − He was a member of Lost generation = a group of writers who experienced the World War One. It was named by Gertrude Stein (with F. S. Fitzgerald, J. Steinback) − His first job was a reporter for a newspaper − He learnt to write simply and shortly − He didn't like this job, so he decided to go to the first world war − He worked in Italy as an ambulance driver − At the end of the war he was seriously hurt (wounded) − After the war he moved to Paris, he travel ed a lot; he visited Africa several times − He also lived in Cuba − He loved adventure, hunting big game and fishing − He used everything in his books − He uses a special method of tel ing stories, so cal ed iceberg method. He says only the plot itself, the rest is hidden and readers must read “between the lines” − His most known books are The Old Man and The Sea, For Whom the bel tolls, The Sun also rises and Farewel to Arms − At the end of his life He suffered from mental illnes and depressions and he was an alcoholic − In 1961 he comitted a suicide (he shot himself dead) with his own gun − His most famous work is The Old Man and The Sea. It's about a Cuban fisherman who wanted to catch a big fish al his life. He wanted to tel people that they should keep trying and they should never give up − He won the nobel prize in literature in 1954, a year after he won the Pulitzer prize

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