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CV and Cover Letter

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CV and Cover Letter CV– the words means Curriculum Vitae a CV is a brief summary of your abilities, education, experience and skills the CV must have heading, personal information, skills, professional achievements, work history, education the CV is chronological or functional Education – usually means post-secondary and can include special seminars. If you are just starting College, you can include high school Experience – includes full-time paid jobs, part-time jobs, volunteer work, academic research projects Skills – list computer languages and software, foreign languages, teaching or tutoring After you have all this information, check it for accuracy. You will need full names, correct and consistent dates and correct spellings. Cover Letter– motivation letter; In this letter you say why you are the best for this job are generally one page at most in length, divided into a header, introduction, body and closing In 1st paragraph – there is how did you find these job and why you are writing In 2nd paragraph – there is why you want this position and why they should empty you In 3rd paragraph – show you interest, how much you want this job and where you can start The CV and cover letter you write when you can get job. The job you can find in newspapers, magazines, job centers, internet and from you friends. Kind of job –part-time job– is job when you don’t need to work full hours. This job is good for students -full-time job – you have to full all working condition Question: Do I need to write my hobbies? – Yes, it is interest. Your hobbies are help you maybe. Should I write woman/man of female/male? – Better is female and male. Should I sign the CV? Where? – Yes, you sign your CV in the end of the text. Can the CV be written by hand/hand-written? – The best is write CV in computer. Can I attach my photograph to the CV? – It is not necessary, maybe yes for some kinds of job. Job interview before job interview you should know some information about the company, reread information in you CV and cover letter and prepare questions which you would like to ask. What to wear: we should dress up and look clear and neat. Clothes should correspond to the company and job which you apply for. Men’s clothes:suit, long sleeve shirt, tie, quality briefcase, conservative leathers shoes, belt Women’s clothes: jacket and shirt, light make-up and perfume, no jewelry, natural tights, quality briefcase, neatly manicured cleans nails What to bring: for the job interview you have to prepare documents – CV, ,cover letter, copies of diploma, school-leaving certificate, extracts from the police records What to expect:we can expect this question: Why we want to do this job? Where we got to know about this job? Why we are the right ones for this job? Why we finished our last job or previous jobs? we can expect writing test focused on expert knowledge, interview in foreign language, psychological test What to do during: do shake hands firmly, do ask intelligent question about the job, company; you can make notes, do make good eye contact What to don’t during: don’t fidget and slouch; don’t answer question with a simple “yes” or “no”; don’t say anything negative about colleagues, employers; don’t ask about salary, holiday, bonuses Body language: shake hands firmly, but not to powerfully folding our hands isn’t good to do during nooding our heads it is a good way of supporting our words or adding meaning to them hand movements can also help to liven up the interview Day of the interview: we should find out how to get to place of a job interview, times of buses; we should prepare clothes, documents; do plan arrive about 10 min early – if you are running late, do phone the company

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