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18. The Czech Republic – mass media What do you understand by the term “mass media”?Newspapers, TV, the internet, radioDo you think the internet will replace newspapers and books? Why? Why not?Do you think there is too much information in this world?Do you think it’s important to be well informed about what’s happening around the world Nowadays mass media have a big influence on our lives. They are very important because they distribute information. Nowadays, it it’s more than important to know, what’s happening around the world. We can for example help or we can be someone else or we can be warned against danger. The kinds of mass media are newspapers, magazines, the radio, television and the internet. Newspapers are the oldest kind of media. People like reading newspapers to get more information or sometimes just for relax. In Britain people read newspapers more than in any other European country. Some people buy press every day when they go to work in newsagent. We can buy daily press or periodicals. The newspapers are divided into two groups - broadsheets and tabloids. The first types are tabloids - these newspapers bring short reports mainly about life of celebrities and they are often full of gossips. There are short articles with big headlines and many photos. Tabloids are usually colourful. For example in the Czech Republic there Blesk, Šíp, Aha... The second type are serious newspapers also called broadsheets - in these newspapers there are long articles with details and lots of information about world news, economy, culture, sport or weather. Headlines and photos are smaller than in tabloids and they are usually black and white. In the Czech Republic it is for example Mlada fronta dnes, Lidove noviny or Pravo. In Great Britain the best known is The Times and The Gurdian, in the USA it is New York Times. Magazines are another kind of press. They are printed on better paper then newspapers and they are issued weekly or monthly. They are more expensive than daily newspapers. There are many types of magazines - magazines for women, men, children and young people. We can buy special ones focused on different topics - about fashion, cars, animals or pets, computers... Another type of mass media is radio. Except for regular news we can listen to music or other programmes on various topics. Before the time when TV was invented people had listened radio more often. The main advantage of listening to the radio is that we can listen to it nearly (any) everywhere - at home, at work or in a car... There are public and private stations. Public is for example Czech broadcasting (Český radiožurnál) and private is Evropa 2. A more comfortable type of media is television. Usually many people prefer watching TV to listening to the radio. It is easier to imagine what they are talking about because you can see it. In the Czech Republic we have four main channels. There are ČT 1, ČT2, which are state channels and Prima and Nova are private commercial television channels. Especially on private channels there are many commercial breaks. Advertising is the main source of income for TV. The programme of television is quite different from radio. We can watch the news, weather forecast and sport matches but there are also some series, talk shows, soap operas and movies. The youngest form of mass media is the Internet. People can do on the Internet almost everything - buying, chatting with friends, finding some interesting information, writing e-mails or watching movies. Unfortunately, the Internet is becoming necessary for everyday life and I think that the most of the people, especially young, can’t imagine to live without be online 24 hours per day. I hope, that it will be nice to turn off for one week for example, all tv’s and internet. People might become more friendly or they will become crazy .

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