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19. Applying for a job

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19. APPLYING FOR A JOB CV most CV’s start withpersonal data andcontact information such asname, date of birth, nationality, address, telephone numberand e-mailthen you should write about youreducation don’t forget to includenames of schools andyears of study on each onein reverse orderin the third paragraph you should mention yourwork experience in reverse order starting with most recent onenext paragraph should include your skills you can mention yourlanguage skills, computer skills andothersin the last part you can write about yourhobbies andinterests which are relevant to the job JOB APPLICATION you should start the letter or e-mail with youraddress in the upper right corner and withthe address of the recipient in the upper left cornerunder the address should bethe dateit’s necessary to write thecorrect greeting if you don’t know the person you are writing to → writeDear Sir or Madam and end the letter withYours faithfully if you know that person → writeDear Mr./Ms. and their name and end the letter withYours sicerelyyou have to write it informal language and everyparagraphshould be visiblydivided from the rest in the 1st paragraph → explainwhy you are writing andwhere you saw the advertisement for the job in the 2nd paragraph → give details ofprevious work experience and responsibilitiesin the 3rd paragraph → mention yourpersonal qualities and give reasonswhy you are the right person for the jobin the last paragraph → write downwhen you are available for interview andwhen you could start working end your letter with the sentece „I look forward to hearing from you.“add Yours faithfully orYours sincerely and your signature you canenclose yourCV or any appropriate document as welland don’t forget tocheck for mistakes!

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