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22.The most important holidays in the Czech Republic UK, USA

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22. The most important holidays in the Czech Republic, UK and USA At first I would like to speak about holidays that are celebrated only in our country. The Czech Republic Saints Cyril and Methodius Day on July 5th Cyril and Methodius were two brothers who were Byzantine Christian theologians and Christian missionaries. The came to Great Moravia in 863 to spread Christianity. They influenced the cultural life and development of Slavs because they used the old Slavic language during the masses and created the Glagolitic alphabet. In this time is this day not very celebrated. People just enjoy a day off at the beginning of the summer. Saints Cyril and Methodius day is followed by another day off – Jan Hus day. Jan Hus Day on July 6th On 6th of July was burned our religious reformer Jan Hus at the stake(hranice) in Kostnice. He was a priest and reformer who blamed Catholic representatives for unholy behaviour. Eventually he was sentenced to death by burning for spreading his revolutionary criticism. Then I would like to talk about Easter that is not only Czech feast but it’s also celebrated in other countries. Easter Easter is one of the most common holiday across the world. It’s an ancient symbol of spring and new life. Christians remember Christ’s death and his return to life. In the Czech Republic and in Britain is it celebrated as in the rest of Europe. Before Easter boys have to prepare plaited willow canes decorated with ribbons. Girls have to colour, decorate or paint eggs. On Monday morning boys with their canes go from house to house, chase girls and whip them saying traditional rhymes and asking fore Easter eggs. The girls try to hide and pretend to run away. The boys collect their rewards (eggs, sweets, chocolates, and money). In USA children on Sunday morning start hunting for painted eggs around the house. Halloween I also would like to mention one of the imported feasts to the Czech Republic and that’s Halloween. Halloween is a festival that takes place on October 31st. It is very popular in the United States, but it’s celebrated by many people in Great Britain, too. People cut horrible faces in pumpkins and put a candle inside. Children dress up as ghosts and monsters and go around people’s houses asking, “Trick or treat?”. A treat means that they get candies, fruit, nuts or money. If the children do not get a treat, they play a trick on the people. A favourite trick is for example to put soap on the windows or to make a lot of noise at the door. In the Czech Republic we celebrated Halloween mainly in the primary schools or kindergartens. I know, that my little sister has a haunted party in school and they have costumes and play some games. I think, that it’s nice for the children and it’s a fun for them, but I hope that will never be like in USA.

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