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25. Jobs and My Future Career

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Types of jobsBlue-collar / white-collar workersWell-paid / barely paid jobsWorking hours, the payUnemployment°Traditional / modern jobs°Working activities (manual work, cooperation in a group)°Dream job vs reality°Jobs and healthMy future career 25. Jobs and MyFuture Career Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee. The employer is a person who hires employees. It can also be an institution. The employees receive wages for the work. TYPES OF JOBS Jobs can be divided into many groups. First one is divided intomanual workandbrainwork. If you work by your hands and you need to be strong, you do manual work. If you need to be smart and have new ideas, think about problems. You don’t have to work by hands, so this is called brainwork. The next classification of jobs is according to where you work. Public sector – means you work in state company. These companies and organizations are under control of government and they provide public services. Private sector – working for private company You can work inprimer, secondary, tertiary or quaternary sector. Primer sector includes agriculture, fishing, mining and heavy industry. Secondary sector includes transport and light industry. Most people in highly developed countries work in the tertiary sector which are services like education, healthcare, IT and so on. White-collars jobs are “behind a desk” and office jobs, kinds of jobs for brain working. It is called because of necessary dress code. For men – white shirt, suit, black shoes and a tie. For women – white blouse, ladies jacket, dark trousers or skirt and heeled shoes. Blue-collars jobs are jobs where physical work is requested. Here is also typical dress code, but a bit different. Blue collars have to wear blue uniforms of manual workers. It is obvious, that manual works arebarely paid jobs because workers might not have been highly educated and employer can simply substitute employee. Manual work is closely associated with blue-collars whose incomes are also bad. On the other handwell paid jobs are brain works where employed white-collars are. WORKING HOURS When you have full-time job you usually work 8 hours a day. There are also part-time jobs when you work 3 hours a day or only during weekends or 2 days a week. Like that usually work students (because they have to study), retired people, mothers with small children or handicapped people. provide – poskytnout White-collars - pracující v kanceláři Blue-collars – dělníci requested – požadované employee – zaměstnanec employed – zaměstnaný the salary - plat assessed – hodnocena get dole - podpora v nezaměstnanosti There arefixed hours when day start and finish every day at the same time (teacher, in factories),flexible hours- it is up to you when you want to work (journalist, writer, ac tor, singer), and people work inshiftsTHE SALARY assessed according to your qualifications, length of experience and work of course. In our country is usual that a woman in the same function as a man, gets lower salary. It may be taken as a discrimination but it is still normal for majority. In our country we receivesalaries in a month. Pay in a week is calledwageUNEMPLOYMENTWhen people are unemployed they get dole from state. When your income is lower than the minimum wage, the state will pay youfamily credit or income benefit. Also people get family allowances for children until age of 18 or until they finish their study (26). Companies employ more men than women because they can be pregnant and then company will have to pay maternity allowances. Women will have to work till 60 and men till 62. When theyget retired theyget pension. MY FUTURE CAREER I plan to study university of medicine in Prague. If I graduated, I’ll like to work as a dentist. I would be also glad if I could travel the world.

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