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25) Press, TV, radio in GB and USA

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25. Press, TV, radio in GB and USA GREAT BRITAIN  The media of Great Britain are among the most influential in the world  Press: o There is no censorship of press in Great Britain but the editors of newspapers are responsible for what they publish. o There are four „quality dailies“, The Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph which contain a great variety of national and international news, reports from parliamentary debates, reviews of the arts, features about fashion and sport and business news o They present different political views and orientations but they are not organs of political parties  The Times is the most famous of them all. It is not a government newspaper as many foreigners believe. The Times is an independent paper which brings long editorials presenting independent views on politics  The Daily Telegraph is a right-wing paper, read mostly by those people whose political opinions are Conservative  The Guardian is in general a paper of the left. It is socialist in its orientation  The Financial Times publishes business news o Beside „quality papers“ (serious papers) there are the papers that are called tabloids  They hardly publish any serious material. The articles mostly deal with sex scandals, celebrities and money  Then there are advertisements, big headlines, a lot of pictures  Radio and TV o In Britain radio and television broadcasting is provided by the state owned BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) which has a high international reputation for objectivity. Besides BBC there are also other radio and TV broadcasting authorities. Unlike the press which is free in Britain, radio and TV broadcasting have always been some sort of state control o Very popular is satellite TV (for example SKY TV) USA  Press o The US Constitution guarantees freedom of press both on the federal and state level o The power of press in the USA is enermous. The press stimulated the rise and fall of several political figures (for example the Watergate scandal forced president Nixon to resign from his Office.) o quality papers  The largest daily newspapers published in the USA are The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Daily News, USA Today and many others  The New York Times is ranked as „the world´s top daily“ o magazines  top world magazine TIME  TV and radio o There is a great number and variety of different types of radio and TV stations in the USA. All radio and television stations in the USA must be licensed to broadcast by the Federal Communication Commission which is an independent federal agency. Each license is given for a few years only and can be taken away if a radio or TV station does not keep the regulation of the FCC. o TV  No state owned television  TV companies: FOX, HBO, CNBS, CNBC + many others o radio  Only private  The famous radio man is Howard Stern

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