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25)Social changes over the recent decades I’m going to talk about social changes over the recent decades. Actually, it means the changes that happened in our society recently, caused by political and economic changes, wider educational opportunities(which are now available for everyone), and they are also connected with globalisation and the fact that the world is becoming multicultural. These are mainly the changes in family life, the appearance of the new crimes(mainly crimes connected with new technologies), terrorism, racism, gender equality or immigration. First, I’m going to talk about the changes in family life. These are mainly the decreasing number of new marriages and births. Young people now have more chances for self-realization. For example, they can study longer, they can travel or they can build a career before they settle down and start a family. I think a career is now more important for them than before. Many young couples also prefer to live together without a marriage. It’s simplier to live together and not to be married, in case they realize they don’t want to be together anymore. Divorce can be really difficult – mainly the arguments about children and possessions. Reasons are also economic – young people can’t afford marriages or having chidren, especially if they still study. Generally, the number of births and marriages is decreasing and people have children in later age. In the past, it was common to have approximately 6 children and families lived together with grandparents. Nowadays, families are smaller, usually only nuclear family lives together and it´s also normal to be a single parent. Grandparents also live separately and sometimes in retirement homes. The changes also show in gender roles. There is equality between men and women, they play the same role and have equal career prospects. Women still look after the house but they can use new technologies (for example washing-machine or dishwasher) and men help more. In the past children were sent by parents to the boarding schools, but today they are closer to parents and they often have friendlier relationships. On the other hand, teenagers also have more freedom and there are problems with drinking alcohol, smoking and drug addiction. There are also many new crimes. Some of the old crimes are for example roberry, rape, theft, murder, arson or bribery and they are still common. But there are some new crimes mainly connected with new technologies. I can name plagiarism, stalking, child pornography, identify theft (PC), HIV assault. There is also drug dealing, hijacking, vandalism or insurance fraud. Another social problem is terrorism. We can consider it also as a new crime. Terrorism is aviolent act which is intended to create fear and spread panic. It’s usually done on purpose of expressing the opinions of the terrorists; they often want to achive some religious or political goals, fight against the system of government or stop the war operation in their countries. It´s aimed at the civil citizens and innocent people. Terrorist attacks are usually unpredictable, no one knows when and where it could happen, and create atmosphere of fear, which lead to achieve political aims. Methods used to intimidate people can be for example, a bomb attack, suicide raid, kidnapping of an important person, hijacking, use of chemical, biologic or atomic weapons and many others. Countries of almost whole world cooperate to fight against terrorism and it´s really important, because people have to show terrorists that they are not afraid and they want it to end. Some of the well-known examples of terrorist attacks are the hijacking of the several American airplanes on the 11th of September 2001, which struck the buildings of the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Both towers of the WTC collapsed and about 3,000 people died there. After this the USA started the war in Afghanistan against al-Quaida which confessed to those attacks. A lot of people realized that terrorism is a very serious problem after this event because it was totally unpredictable, a large amount of people died there and the terrifying fact also was that the terrorists dared to assault such a powerful country as the USA. Since this date, airport controls have become much stricter than before. Another serious event is the explosion of three bombs in the London Underground on the 7thof July 2005 when at least 50 people were killed. And probably the most recent one is the suicide bomb attack at Moscow Airport where 35 people died. Another social problem is connected with the differences of cultures, races and nations. Racism is a behaviour or an opinion of people, which are convinced, that their race is better than the others, they have a feeling of superiority. It is usually related with xenophobia. It´s a fear of different cultures, religions, customs, traditions and a world view. This problem is mainly connected with the United States, where Afro-americans were slaves for a long time, and after the abolition of slavery by Abraham Lincoln, they were still considered as „the other race“ – there were for example special schools for them. But I think this problem has been getting better recently. People in the USA fight very strongly against this kind of discrimination. A sign of decreasing racism is also the fact that Barack Obama, the current American president, is Afro-american and Americans seem not to mind his race. In the CR, there is a typical problem with Romanies, also called Gypsies. They want to be Czech citizens and they fight hard against discrimination, but in fact, they don’t behave as a „normal“ citizens very often - they refuse to pay taxes as other people and they want to have even more benefits and conveniences and when they don’t get them, they argue about discrimination. I think this problem is very controversial and difficult to solve. Many Romanies don’t want to pay because they don’t have much money, but th

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