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4. American cities

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4. AMERICAN CITIES NEW YORK NY has thelargest population of all American citiesit is known for itsskyscrapersthe tallest building here isthe Empire State Building from where you can admire the NY’s skylinemany tourists like to visitCentral Park,the theatre district on Broadway orStatue of Liberty on the Liberty Islandanother famous place isthe Guggenheim museum WASHINGTON DC the city islegislative, administrativeand judical centre of the USit is situated on theeast coast of the Potomac Riverthe most famous buildings in Washington DC are for surethe White House (where President and his family lives) andthe Capitol (where American Congress makes laws)other place to visit isthe Nation Mall withthe Washington Monument,Lincoln Memorial andthe Vietnam War Memorial CHICAGO Chicago ishome toWillis Tower which was the wold’s tallest building until 1998another popular place to visit isthe Navy Pier where you can find museums, theatres and a big Ferris wheelif you’re asport fan you should visitWrigley Field which is home of theChicago Cubs baseball teamChicago is also known as acity of jazz and blues clubs LAS VEGAS is famous forhuge casinos → for examplethe Luxorwhich is in shape of a pyramidits also well known forquick marriage ceremonies andwedding chapels CALIFORNIA CITIES Los Angeles andSan Francisco are the most visited cities in Californiabut the others are for exampleSAN DIEGO, SAN JOSÉand SACRAMENTO (state capital)LOS ANGELES is in thesouth it is known forHollywoodwhich iscentre of the American film industry also forbeaches and shopping you can also go tothe Universal Studios, Disneyland or to seeHollywood Walk of Fame SAN FRANCISCO is in thenorth the main places to visit arethe Golden Gate Bridge andAlcatraz Island with its former prison NORTHWEST CITIES the northwest part of the US is known for itsbeautiful mountains, rivers and parkstwo of the best known cities areSeattle andPortlandSEATTLE in Seattle you can take aboat tour, visit a beach orPublic Libary, Art Museum and so on PORTLAND is known forenviromental friendliness (there are beautifulgardens) SOUTHERN CITIES Miami, Atlanta andNew Orleans are the most known cities on the American SouthNEW ORLEANS – is famous forjazz musicMIAMI – is famous forparties and beachesATLANTA – has aCoca Cola museum OTHER INTERESTING PLACES YELLOWSTONE – isthe largest park in the USA withvolcanic activityGRAND CANYON – isthe largest canyon in the worldin Arizona

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