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8.The Czech Republic – famous writers Name the most famous Czech writers /poetsChoose two or three writers and talk about themTalk about their works (one or two in detail). Describe their style, plot, characters. If we talk about famous politicians, singers our writers, it´s always difficult to chose the most famous. It depends on each opinion. I chose 5 authors, who are hopefully the most known and important. Firstly, I would like to begin withBožena Němcová. When she was 17 years old, she married the 15-years-older Josef Němec, who worked as a customs officer and was therefore a state employee. . The family had four children and suffered from a lack of money. Němcová died in poverty, estranged from her husband. What is intersting is the fact that her image features on the 500 CZK denomination of the banknotes of the Czech koruna. Her novels are Podhorská vesnice (The village under mountains) andBabička (The Grandmother) (1855). It is Němcová's best-known novel about a young girl named Barunka and her childhood with her grandmother in the countryside. The book was inspired by Němcová's own childhood in the village of Ratibořice, where she lived with her parents, siblings and maternal grandmother Magdalena Novotná. She is also an author of fairy tales. I would like to continue withKarel Čapek.He is considered as a brilliant novelist, journalist and playwright. He invited new international word robot in his play R.U.R. Ha had a strong relationhip with his brother Josef and they also worked together. His best known works are The absolute et Large, Krakatit or Hordubal. Let’ me mention another important Czech writer,Milan Kundera. He is contemporary (současný) author, who has an international fame. He lives in exile in France since 1975 and he is naturalized as France citizen. His works are for example The Unbearable Lightness of being or Immortality. Now I would like to mentionJaroslav Seifret. He is known, because he is the only Czech author who was awarded The Nobel prize. Ho wrote over 30 collections of poems and he wrote children’s poem as well. Usually he celebrates Prague and cultural heritage in his poems. Finally, I would like to conclude my speech with Czech humorist, satirist and journalistJaroslav Hašek. Jo wrote more than 1500 short stories and his most known work is roman The Good soldier Švejk and his fortunes in the world war, what is about First World War. He joined the anarchist and anti-German movement. My favourite Czech book is Grandmother. I like the fairy tales themes here, as it is a bit naive. The scenery of peaceful countryside is recounted (líčena) very mildly and persuasively (mírně a přesvědčivě). It gives me a chance, thath it is possible to live without wars and arguments in harmony with the nature.

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