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9 - The Czech Republic

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9. The Czech Republic − the Czech Republic is situated in the heart of Europe, which, in other words, means the Central Europe − It occupies an area of 78 864 sq km − There are four neighbouring countries: Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany − Although the Czech Republic isn’t a large country, the geography is quite diverse. You may find mountainious areas such as the highest Krkonoše mountains, you may find lowlands with large fields and large rivers, such as the Labe, Vltava or Morava. − The climate is mostly continental, the warmest area is in the south Moravia − The population of the Czech Republic is about ten millions; it is similar to the population of Portugal, for example − About a half of the people live in the cities, a significant part of the population lives in the country − The largest cities are the capital city Prague, next Brno (in Moravia), Ostrava, Olomouc, Liberec, wel -known Plzeň, České Budějovice and others − The capital is in the center of Bohemia. Prague has a population of about a mil ion and a half residents, foreigners or for example students. It is the centre of government, business, culture and other fields. − There are three political parts in the Czech Republic. It is Bohemia in the west, Moravia in the south-east and Silesia in the north-east. − The Czech Republic is traditional ly an industry country − Our country is rich in minerals. Black coal (Ostrava Coal Basin, area of Kladno) and brown coal and lignite (North Bohemia Coal Basin), sand for glass-making, iron ore, uranium, kaolin, etc., are mined in the Czech Republic − The political system is democratic − The head of the state is the President Mr Miloš Zeman, who was elected in 2018 − The most important airport is the Vácav Havel Airport in Prague. Other international airports are situated in Brno, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary.

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