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Famous American Presidents

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Famous American Presidents The Assassination of J.F.K John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of the more popular presidentsEven though he had foughtfor the human rights (supporting Martin L. King Jr.,...) , he had only managed to make a few laws considering theseHiswife Jackie was also popular amongst the people of USAHe wasassassinated on 22. November 1963 during his political tripIt happened inDallas, while JFK, his wife and two other men were driving in a car with an open roof to greet the peopleIt is believed, that it wasHarvey Oswald Lee, who had shot the PresidentAfter the shooting, JFK was taken to the nearest hospital und pronounced dead 30 min laterOswald Lee was arrested and charged with the assassinationHe denied it and was shot two days later by Jack Ruby The Watergate Scandal Was amajor political scandal that happened in the USAin the 70’The administration of presidentRichard Nixon – a republican hadappointed a bugging of theDemocratic Headquarters, located in the Watergate ComplexIn June 1972 a few of burglars had broken into the Complex and installed bugging devices thereThey had been discovered and arrestedLater it had been found out, that they have had a direct connection to Nixon’s administrationThis had resulted in the resignation of president Nixon The Invasion of Iraq The Invasion was a response of George Bush jr. to the terrorist attack on September the 9th 2001He announced the global War on Terrorism, of which the Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were partsThe troops of USA, UK, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq and deposed the government of Saddam HusseinGeorge W. Bush was relatively popular for the most of his first term, but with the second one his popularity sharply descended Some other American Presidents Thomas Jefferson One of the Founding Father of the USAHis Declaration of Independence set the modern political and sociological measures (all men are equal…)Founded the University of Virginia, built a house – Monticello,… Abraham Lincoln Anti-slavery and anti-war president, was elected almost entirely by the northDuring his term the Civil War took place and he managed to keep the USA unitedHe issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which gave freedom to all the slaves and banned slaveryHe was assassinated short after the end of the Civil War Franklin D. Roosevelt Had got elected 4 timesHad suffered from polio and had been tied to a wheelchair, the press, however, had respected him, and had held this fact from the publicHis presidency had begun in the middle of the Great Depression, with many people unemployed, starving, living on the streetsTo fight that, he had introduced the “New Deal” – a strategy that indeed helped many people to regain their jobsDuring the WW2 he had worked closely with Winston ChurchillHe had died shortly after the end of the war, in year 1945

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