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M Y H O M E The town of Velké Opatovice is situated in the middle part of Malá Haná, in so called Boskovice´s furrow. Velké Opatovice belong to the district Blansko. The first written mentions are dated from the year 1308, when at a near-by castle Cimburk was concluded a buying contract to Opatovice. Originally, they consisted of two indenpendent parts- Lower and Upper. Both parts developed indenpendently till 19th century. Since 1888 Opatovice has been called Velké Opatovice. The most important noble families who have resided at Opatovice are the Věžníks, the Salms and the Herbersteins. In 1969 Velké Opatovice obtained the statute of the city. To the interests of the town belongs the castle, which was built in 1757 in baroque style. It was several times reconstructed. The last reconstruction took place in 1990. Nowadays in the castle there is a museum with a memorial of a sculptur Karel Otáhal, who lived in Opatovice for 30 years. In the building of the castle there are local government authority officies and the cinema. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park covering the area of 6 hectares. In the park one can find rare trees and also a sculpture of the czech composer Bedřich Smetana by Karel Otáhal. There is also a summer cinema situated in the park. The church of Saint George has a baroque decoration and a relief of 4 x 4m, which shows Saint George in battle with a dragon. It is also made by Karel Otáhal. Now, the town has about 4600 inhabitants. The town offers two nursery schools, primary school and secondary school. The primary school is attended by 500 pupils and there are a small swimming pool, gym and many playgrounds. School is situated near the wood with a nice surrounding. There is one big factory, which employs many inhabitons of the town. The town offers basic facilities as medical centre, different shops, cinemas, banks, post-office. In our town there is also a medical centre for handicapped people. As for the transport there are the bus and the railway stations. The town offers also sport facilities as three tennis courts, two football playgrounds and many sport clubs. Because of the town´s location there are many possibilities for walking in the open air or cycling. My house is situated on the biggest hill near the forest. I´m very satisfied there, because it´s a calm quarter. The nature is very nice here and people have here the privacy.

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