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ARCHITECTURE comprises of planning, designing, and constructing buildings (or other objects) as well as the final product - usually the building - itself. is a short-term event, organized by an artist in order to show his or her works to the audience. They usually offer the largest collections of different artworks covering different arts. Museums are usually open to the public all year, some of them are charged, some of them are free. They offer thousands of paintings, sculptures and other artefacts. By the way, the museum buildings themselves are often great examples of architecture. is the most popular current Czech writer, according to the sales of his books. He gained his fame shortly after the Velvet revolution and these days he still publishes very successful novels. is a famous movie actor and one of the few Czech artists who became internationally known. He appeared in many Hollywood movies, sometimes in the leading role. is the best-known Czech photographer, famous for his slightly controversial behaviour and his provocative works, mostly focused on women's nudity. W hat is ART? P erforming arts Art ART can mean a wide range of human activities. Since art is simply an expression of someone's skills or state of mind, almost anyone can create an original piece of art. MUSIC The most popular arts are for example... W hat is the use of art? P AI NTI NG SCULP TURE LITERATURE FILM Art can be divided into many categories. Performing arts (dance, theatre, music, film), visual arts and decorative arts. Decorative arts Performing arts are those arts, that are performed by artists on stage, using their own abilities and skills. In most cases, these arts are performed live in front of an audience, so the artist also receives a live feedback from the spectators. ...are those arts in which artists use tools to create an object. Unlike performing and visual arts, decorative arts have more than one objective - they entertain and amuse people, but they are also useful and functional. They also serve as a decoration. Karel Gott There are many current Czech artists w orth mentioning, for example... Karel Roden Jan Saudek Miloš Forman The most popular performing arts are for example music, theatre, dance and opera. The biggest difference between performing arts and visual arts is that visual arts contain only static art objects, which are created once and there is no need to adjust them later or create them ever again. , which is one of the oldest performing art forms. Music could be instrumental or vocal - it depends on how the particular song was created - only by sound produced by musicians playing their instruments or even by singers and their voices. Music can be further divided into many different genres. Up until the beginning of the 20th century, classical music was the world's major musical genre. Unlike that period, during the 20th century, many other musical genres were developed... Visual arts The most common way we can admire art is visiting the... Museums and galleries An exhibition The most common exhibitions are organized to show paintings, sculptures, photographs or exceptional and unique artefacts. The most popular decorative art forms today include jewellery, interior design, woodwork, metalwork and pottery. Some art forms serve only this purpose, but there are other art forms which have more functions - decorative for example. New musical genres of the 20the century include jazz, blues, swing, rock and roll, pop, heavy metal and various forms of rock. In the late 20th century, many alternative genres like electronic music became popular as well. Art has many purposes, but the main purpose is definitely to entertain people, to evoke both positive and negative emotions and reactions. Along with voices, the most important thing in creating music is a musical instrument. Musical instruments are very difficult to play. Professionals have to start learning to play at a very early age, usually before their 10th year of life. , who is probably the most famous Czech singer and one of the top Czech artists ever. He is famous for his songs, many of which he also produced in German. One of the greatest artists and musicians of the 20th century was Michael Jackson, often called "The King of Pop", who died in 2009. is a famous movie director and probably the best known Czech in Hollywood. He directed many Hollywood movies and won a number of Oscars. Michal Viewegh The most popular instruments include the piano, violin, trumpet, drums, flute and the guitar. Unlike other arts, film is a relatively young art. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was silent film that dominated in cinemas. The "silent era" in film ended with new inventions and technologies that helped producers to deliver sound along with the picture to the audience in cinemas. The popularity of sound in movies greatly increased in the 30s and continued thanks to new inventions and technologies like television and colour broadcasting a few years later. is maybe the oldest of all arts presented here. All over the world, archaeologists find prehistoric cave paintings. "Epic of Gilgamesh" is one of the examples of a very old book written thousands of years ago. This one was written in ancient Mesopotamia. Charlie Chaplin became the icon of the silent film era, best known for his slapstick scenes. Later, he was replaced with the movie stars of a new era in filmmaking like John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The best-known painting in the world is probably the "Mona Lisa", which is currently exhibited in the Louvre Museum in Paris, as a part of one of the largest collections of art. It was painted by renaissance artist and scholar Leonardo da Vinci. The "Dancing House", located next to the Vltava River, is the most interesting piece of modern architecture in Prague. One of the most popular arts is literature. In the past, literature was primarily a way to record folk tales and

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