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Health and Human Body

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
18. Health and Human Body 1) What does health mean? Healt is the most important thing in our lives. Everyone knows this, but when we are healthy, we usually don't appreciate it. We often realize it when we or some of our close relatives fall in. 2) Do people know medicine for all illnesses? At present there are more and more illnesses that people haven't known before, but can be very dangerous. Scientists still can't find medicine to cure them, and so we can only hope not to get them. (Vědci stále nemohou nalézt lék, který by jim vyléčili, a tak jen doufáme, že je nedostaneme.) In the past, especially in the Middle Ages there were fatal epidemics of plague or influenza, which killed hundreds of thousand of people. (V minulosti, zejména ve středověku, došlo k smrtelným epidemím mor nebo chřipky, která zabila stovky tisíc lidí.) 3) Why is prevention so important? Prevention is very important in our health. Everybody should undergo a regular check-up at least once a year. (každý by měl podstoupit pravidelnou kontrolu nejméně jednou ročně) It’s also important to visit a dentist regulary, at least twice a year. 4) What do we do when we are ill? When we are ill we usually stay in bed, drink herbal tea, také pills, drops vitamins and after a week or two we feel well again. However, we usually go to the doctor's when we don't feel well or have a temperature. 5) Describe a visit at the doctor's. When we still feel unwell, we finally decide to see a physician. The nurse in the surgery will find our medical record and wants to see our insurance card and then takes our temperature. Then we are ready to enter the doctor's office. The doctor usually asks what the trouble is and then examines our throat. He want to know if we have a temperature, a good appetite and where we feel pain. Sometimes he checks our blood pressure and takes our pulse, takes the blood count. Finally the doctor diagnoses the case and therapy and prescribes a medicine. 6) In which cases is it necessary to go to a hospital? However, the situation may sometimes be more serious and needs special treatment in hospital. In the case of a heart attack, apendicitis, brken ar mor leg, or in case of some really serious disease such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, leukemia, diabetes… 7) Do people have to pay for medical care? Medical care of any type is almost free of charge in our country, although there are many private doctors whom we must pay for check-ups. We pay for most medicines but not for all. Hospital stays are free, mother gets a benefit after a delivery. For next 26 weeks she gets 90 % of her previous pay. Everybody must pay money for their own health insurance. (pojištění) 8) What does a healthy lifestyle mean? It’s the best way to stay fit and healthy. This means balancing work and leisure time and getting enough sleep. We should practice sports and eat healthy food with lots of vitamins. We shouldn’t smoke or drink much alcohol. We also should avoid unhealthy enviroment, which is sometimes

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