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Geografie UK (detailní)

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BRITISH ISLES ​ = Great Britain, Ireland + 5000 smal islands LOCATED ​ in Western Europe 4 PARTS OF THE UK ​ = Scotland - Edinburgh, Wales - Cardiff, Northern Ireland - Belfast, England - London GEOGRAPHY TOPOGRAPHY: ​ Highland Britain (north of Scotland) / Lowland Britain (south of Scotland) SEAS AND OCEANS: ​ the North Sea, the Irish Sea, the Celtic Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean the Grampians, the Pennines, Ben Nevis, the Cumbrian ms, the Cambrian ms, Lake District, Exmoor, Dartmoor, Cotswold Hil s PENINSULAS: ​ Cornwal peninsula, Dale peninsula (?) BAYS ​: Bristol Bay, Cardigan Bay CANALS ​: Grand Union Canal, Leeds and Liverpool Canal RIVERS ​: River Severn, River Thames, River Trent, River Great Ouse, River Mersey, River Wye, River Cam LAKES ​: Lough Neagh, Loch Lomond, Lower Lough Erne, Loch Ness, Loch Awe CLIMATE ​: temperate oceanic climate (mild and humid) - influenced by North Atlantic current BIOME ​: temperate forest (forests are mixed and deciduous, covering 8% of the total area, dominated by oak trees) MINERALS ​: coal, rock salt, kaolin UK ​IS​ rich in natural resources OIL ​: oil reserves - North Sea Central Graben (Forties and Brent oilfields) POPULATION ​: 67 mil ion, unevenly distributed population (England has the highest, N. Ireland the lowest), natural increase Density ​: densely populated (especial y London, South, Greater Manchester) Ethnicity ​: predominantly white (other ethnic groups -Blacks, Asians- are sizable especial y in major cities esp. London, Birmingham, Manchester) Language ​: official language is English (other languages: Gaelic, Irish, Welsh) Migration ​: most from India, Poland, Pakistan and Ireland Life expectancy ​: 81,2 years CITIES ​: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield Rate of urbanisation ​: 83% = high Religion ​: Christianity, No religion, Islam and other minority religions ECONOMY ​: one of the largest economies, highly-developed country GDP / CONTRIBUTION ​: 80% services, 19% industry, 0,6% agriculture INDUSTRIES ​: chemical industry, electrical and mechanical engineering, food, steel, textile industry Traditional ones (food, textile) getting replaced by the modern ones (chemical, engineering) EXPORTS ​: manufactured goods (machine tools, railroad equipment), fuels, chemicals, tobacco, food COMPANIES ​: TESCO, o2, Jaguar, Rimmel, Dunlop, British Petroleum TRANSPORTATION ​: railway network, Heathrow airport SERVICES ​: trade, finance (London stock exchange), banking, tourism, IT TOURISM TOURIST ​ ​ATTRACTIONS​: Stonehenge, Tower of London, Big Ben NATIONAL PARKS ​: Cairngorms, Lake District, Yorkshire Dales UNESCO ​: Forth Bridge, New Lanark, Saltaire AGRICULTURE: ​self-sufficient, livestock production is more important Products ​: arable land-fertile soils, pastures, forests, orchards and vineyards Crops / food ​: wheat, oats, potatoes, sugar beet, vegetables, grain Livestock / animals ​: cattle, sheep, cows. fishing Types of farming ​: Arable, pastoral mixed farming, horticulture market, gardening, viticulture

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