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Education - My school

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15. Education - My school SECONDARY SCHOOL NÁHORNÍ It is state school estabilished by the municipal council. It is attended by 480 students, divided into 21 classes, taugh by 60 teachers with the help of 10 employees on other position. The school has 4 year study programmes ended with the state school leaving exam called Maturita. Students are 15-20 years old. They enter the school after finish elementary school. The applicants take the entrance exams. Students have about 35 lessons a week. 1 lesson has 45 minutes. The graduates may continue studies at college or university or stay working. Secondary school Náhorní is located in Kobylisy, near metro Kobylisy. In its neighbourhood there is an elementary school and kindergarten. The school has got its own gym, ateliers and one atelier in a summer house. In summer students can be taught in a nice garden. Study programmes are: -Graphic design -Bookselling and publishing managment -Economics and business -Information services Students study subject like: And special subject like: -Czech language -Art history -English language -Figural drawing -Mathematics -Design and technology -Physics -Economics -Chemistry -World literature history -Physical Education -Creative writing -Enviromental studies -Book keeping -Geography -Typing -ICT -History of book culture -History -Font

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