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Ernest Hemingway

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ERNEST HEMINGWAY - 1899 (Chicago) – 1961 - Pulitzer Price 1953, Nobel Price 1954 - father was doctor and mother was music teacher - took cello lessons, hated it but it was useful - been boxer, many cats - started to write at secondary school - 1916 – first published article WWI - volunteer as an ambulance driver in Italy - 8th July 1918 wounded in mortar fire while taking chocolates and cigars for Italian soldiers - 6 months in hospital, fell in love with a nurse (Agnes), planned wedding but she left - kept helping wounded soldiers => Italian medal for bravery - after WWI: freelance reporter for Toronto Star => appreciated1stwife Elisabeth Richardson – 8 years oldernew job: Paris correspondentbest times→ pretty wife, good money and job Paris - meets famous people Gertrude Stein (lost generation)James Joyce + Eh = alcohol buddies (sprees)Pablo PicassoF. S. Fitzgerald – inspiration for EH to write a novel WW2 - before: 1926 – 2nd wife Pauline Pfeiffer => moved to Florida (key west), bought his 1st boat1937 Spanish war – reporter1939 sailed to Cuba, separation from Pauline3rd wife Martha Gellhorn (collection furniture + arts) - 1944 => war correspondent in London - 4th wife Mary Welsh Hemingway - D. Day 6th June 1944 – EH present on a ship with US Army –> at outskirts of Paris EH pretended to be the captain of the US Army = crime - after: health problems (alcohol)writes and travels a lot1954 plane crash, next day transport to hospital by a plane –> plane exploded –> EH burns + head injuries –> whole world thing he died –> EH had fun reading his own obituariesnever fully recovered physically (painkillers + alcohol)he thing FBI follows himApril 1961 Mary found him with a shotgun in his mouth, took him to hospital =. electric shock treatment30th June released from hospital –> 2nd July shot his head off –> press wrote it was an accidenthis father ‘s illness + mental and physical state getting worse –> suicide WORKS - excellent narrator - at first short stories only (“get the most out of the least”) - themes: love, loss, war (his life) - 7 novels (+ 3 after teath) → The Old Man and the Sea → For Whom the Bell Tolls → A Farewell to Arms → The Sun Also Rises → To Have and Have Not - 3 shorts story collections (+ 4 after death) The Three Stories and Ten PoemsIn Our TimeMen Without Women

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