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Informal Letters

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Neformální (osobní) dopisy
LETTERS Dear Tim Thanks for your letter.I study at business academy,a branch focused on economics subjects and foreign languages (in my case:English and German).We also have Czech,Maths and other common subjects. My favourite subjects at school are foreign languages-especially English.English has always been my beloved subject and I'm not gonna change my opinion.I hate Maths and I'm not so keen on economics subjects either. I'd like to study computer design.Actually,I'm really into that.I've got a lot of fun with these programmes,it makes me happy and in the future,I would like it to be my job. Take care Ondra - Hi Alex, I'm so sorry but I can't arrive to the tomorrow's party.I am sick and can't even leave home.What about the next week?I think I'll be alright. Take care Ondra - Hey Tim How are you?I know that you failed your driving test.What a shame,I feel sorry for you.Although,I‘m sure you will pass the testwith flying colours next time. Thanks for your invitation.I’d love to visit you in England next summer!We could throw parties,meet up with friends,playvideo games and so on! I’ve been reading a Harry Potter book.It’s the last part.It is called „Harry Potter and the Deahtly Hallows“.It’s really amazing and thrilling.If you’re into fantasy and wizards,you should read that. Why don’t you come to visit me next year?We’ll have fun all day and all night. Take care Andrew PStell me if you can come - Dear Tim Sorry for having been out of touch for a short while.There have been some changes in my life and I wanted to let you know the latest from my side. I’ve recently moved,and changed school.Honestly,I’m very happy about being here.Instead oflearning business,which was annoying and meaningless for me,I’ve changed an interest to computer design.I find teacherszippy,facilitieswell-furnished and classmates very friendly! By the way,I met a new friend.Her name is Irelia.We’re in the sameclass and sit at the desk together.She’s friendly,nice and has the same interests like me and we play the same game together,surprisingly!But I’m a bit jealous of her because she’s better at everything than I am. Aside from that,I moved to a new townnear the school where I study.It’s comfortable and cozy.I am a much happier person today because of these recent changes. So,how are you doing?I hope I’ll have a chance to visit you again soon. Take care Andrew PS please write me and let me know what’s new with you

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