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Interesting places of United Kingdom

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Interesting places of United Kingdom There are lots of interesting places in the UK Yorkis an ancient city that was very wealthy and powerful under the reig of the Vikings who called it Jorvik. There you can see reconstructions of Viking York, complete weit sounds and smell. A small train takes you through the exhibits, and a museum at the end displays real Viking artefacts. York i salso famous for its large Gothic cathedral. And than… Oxford and Cambridge are famous university towns, and their universities are among the oldest in the world. Even you aren’t a student, you can enjoy the old architecture of the colleges. Nottingham and the nearby Sherwood Forest are well known as the home of the legendary Robin Hood, and you can see an exhibition on the legends at Nottingham Castle. The town also boasts the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in 1189. Brighton is a famous seaside resort south of London. There you can see a Brighton Peer or Royal Pavilion built in the early 19th century in Indian style, with chinese decorations inside. Lake Districtis a region with beautiful scenery, mountains and lakes. Lake Windermere is the largest lake in Britain. The town ofCanterburryis known for its medieval cathedral, where the archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170. It became a destination for Christian pilgrims. Liverpool draws thousands of music fans every year as it is the place where the Beatles were formed. There is also popular a footbaal. The most famous club is Football club Liverpool. It used to be a very important port and a part of the city centre is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of one of the greatest playwrights in history, William Shakespeare. You can visit the house where Shakespeare was born and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Cornwall is a country in the south-west of England. It is very popular because its long and beautiful coastline. You can find Land’s End there, the most southwesterly point in Britain. And also Tintagel Castle, a castle ruin towering over the sea, the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur. The main atraction ofSalisbury isStonehenge, perhaps the best known prehistoric monument in the world. It was built about 2 500 BC. It consists of circles of big standing stones. It may have served as a burial ground and a place of worship.

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