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JOBS Job also called occupation is a person’s role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity often performed in Exchange for payment. A person can start working by becoming an employee, volunteering or starting a business. Some people consider being parent a job. The duration of job ranges from temporary (few hours or years) to a lifetime (judge). Most workers spend up to forty or more hours each week in paid employment. Also, it is possible to work freelance or under the boss. If you work freelance you can start your working day whenever you want. Working under employer contains of certain rules you need to follow. But usually your work is stable. Jobs can be organized also by branches. Economics jobs such as economist, manager and banker require knowledge of economy. Humanistic jobs are focused mostly on working with humans. Here we can find for example lawyers, teachers, psychologists, philosophers. Technical jobs such as mechanic, engineer, architect forms the link between scientific discoveries and their use. If you want to become doctor or veterinarian, you must study at the university many years. It is because these professions require deep knowledge. If you are not educated enough you could endanger others. Than there are special kinds of jobs in which people use their talent and imagination. We can mention for example painters, sculptors, actors, writers, journalists. People who do these jobs work often freelance. Every job should be rewarded properly. Mostly the reward is monetary. You can get salary or wage. Salaries refer to the amount you receive in a whole year. The amount that goes into our banks every month (or week) on a payday, is called a wage or wages. Also, some employers pay employees travel expenses, overtime payments or benefits for good work. If you are sick, and you can’t go to work, you will receive sickness benefit. Mothers who must take care of their newborn kids and can’t go to work receive maternity benefits. They needn’t to be afraid of getting fired because the laws protect them. Also, if you are not working, you can’t find job the state will give you unemployment benefit (also called dole). When your income is lower than the minimum wage, state will pay you income benefit. People get family benefits for children under 18 (or the end of their studies). The money you actually made is not the money you get. Gross income is the total amount of a person’s or organization’s income in a particular period before tax is paid on it. Person's income after all tax and other costs that have been paid is called net income. If you are looking for a job you can try internet, newspapers or job centres. When you find a job you could possibly like, you need to contact the company. You also need to send them a CV where are detailed information about you, education, qualification, work experience and abilities. The company then contacts you and invites you to an interview. It is important to dress nicely and behave naturally. Body language including facial expressions, gestures, eye movement plays important role too. When you have all qualities they are searching, you get the job and must sign the contract. It is important to take some time and read the document to acknowledge yourself with your future salary, working hours and other conditions. We mustn’t forget about elders. After a large number of worked-off years there comes retirement. Old people receive pension each month. Because the pension is quite low, some seniors do part-time jobs like cleaning, babysitting and many others.

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