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Mark Twain

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AMERICAN LITERATURE – MARK TWAIN Mark Twain was an American. Mark Twain was the name of the writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Samuel was born on 30th November 1835. He lived in Hannibal, Missouri. Samuel´s father was a lawyer. He was a serious and quite man. Samuel´s mother was kind and beautiful. He had one brother and one sister. Samuel left school and he had many jobs. He worked for printer. He learnt about books and newspapers. He wrote stories for newspapers too. He was a journalist. In 1856, Samuel was a pilot for the boats in the Mississippi river. Pilots knew the river well. They helped the captains of the boats. Parts of the Mississippi river are not deep. The water is shallow. The steamboats hat flat bottoms. A man stood at the front of the boat. He threw a rope into a water. The rope had a heavy weight on one end. And there were marks on the rope at every 3 feet. The man looked at the water and the mark on the rope. He saw the depth of the water. He shouted the depth to the pilots. Sometimes he shouted Mark Twain. This meant Second mark. When he wrote stories, he took these words for his name – Mark Twain. Mark Twain had many adventures. He often wrote about his adventures in his stories. Mark Twain died on 21st April 1910.

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