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12. The importance of education and learning languages

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How can education influence people´s livesSystem of education in our country x UK x USAStudy habits - How?Why should we learn languages? (reasons)Language exams (why could it be good to take an international exam)°Your personal experiences and choicesMy future studies°My school (school year, events at school) 12.The importance of education and learning languages Here is no way to doubt about importance of education. In my opinion is this the major thing that matters – not only in social life but also in terms human evolution. In my opinion it is not all about how many universities we graduated and degrees we got. Much more depends on common sense, ability of making own opinion or decision and general knowledge. SYSTEMS OF EDUCATION Although the United States and Great Britain speak the same language and promote similar values, there are some differences between their education systems. The United States - similar to other countries, little children start their education withkindergarten.They are divided into groups and spend their time playing. Some children may attendpre-school.Elementary school formally starts their compulsory education. Students are graded on a system of A-F; with A being the best, and F meaning fail. There is no E grade, however. In grade six students go toJunior High school and in the ninth grade they change to high school. The completion of high school is celebrated with a graduation ceremony in which students dress in long gowns. Great Britain - British children begin their schooling quite early withnursery school. Inprimary school - children acquire basic skills and also start specialized subjects. The transfer tosecondary school takes place at the age of 11. At the age of sixteen, pupils are free to leave school. Unlike in the Czech Republic, exams are marked in letters, usually from A (very good) to E (bad). U means fail. After the age of eighteen, most pupils find jobs or go to university. The Czech Republic - Likewise, the Czech education system operates on three levels:primary, secondary and tertiary. At the age of six Czech children have to enternine-year elementary school. By law, the school-leaving age is 15. For those willing to continue, there are many secondary education alternatives. For example thetraditional secondary school (grammar school) prepares students for university and lasts four years. All the secondary studies finish with a final school-leaving exams, which comprises four subjects - Czech and a foreign language and two electives. At universities are the most popular subjects humanities, law or medicine studied at Charles University in Prague or Masaryk University in Brno. The universities offer three-year-bachelor programs as well as five-year-master programs which finish with a final state exam and a thesis defense. in terms - z hlediska common sense - zdravý rozum compulsory – povinný acquire – získat likewise – rovněž thesis defense - Obhajoba diplomové práce finesse – finta hold out – odkládat STUDY HABITS Since the first time I have walked in gymnasium J.K. Tyla, I heard countless times that in our school is only one goal – learn how to learn. It is true, that we had to study a lot, but in fourth grade everything started to be more important. Well, I had to find out good technics to improve my study finesses – Firstly, it’s important to have a plan. Turn off social sites. Stop to hold out things you have to do. What helps me a lot are mind maps and begin as soon as it is possible because I am not stressed out and my brain is able to be concentrated. LEARNING LANGUAGES Especially nowadays should everyone tends to be educated in foreign languages. We have lots of opportunities to leave our country or just visit another ones. Also is possible to work in company which collaborates with other countries or even just with our neighbours such as Germany, Austria… Always is great to have some certification about level of your language. It could help you in finding work. MY FUTURE STUDIES I plan to study university of medicine in Prague. But my main intention is to learn new things throughout my entire life because I think that’s perfect to know new information about subjects you are interested in.

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