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Travelling Travelling is everyday part of our lives. People didn’t travel to lot at the past. They usually travelled only for short distances and they mostly walked, or they ride a horse. We have new means of transport and we can travel where we want, but I think that travelling had to have magic in the past. Nowadays people travel every day. They travel to work or school by buses, trains, cars and they use trams or subways in cities. We travel by planes, ocean liners or ferries, when we travel for long distances, for example when we go on holiday. The heathiest and the most eco-friendly means of transport are walking and riding a bike. I think that walking and cycling become more popular again, because these activities are part of healthy live style. The advantage of walking is that you can get everywhere by that, for example when you go to forest by car you have to leave your car near the forest and travel on foot, because there isn’t usually too much space for cars in forest. We can transport passengers or some cargo. Typical means of transport for cargo is train, plane or boat. When I was younger I travelled to school by bus and I hated it, because there where too much noise and too much children so I had to stand all the time. I travelled by train to grammar school and I liked it. I travelled with my friends and we had our special place and we were angry when somebody take our seat. We had a lot of fun and there was pretty lot space for us. I travelled by plane and ferry for long distances. Plane was fine, I like it, but I was younger, so I don’t remember it well. But I have never forgotten my travel by ferry because I discovered here that I have seasickness, so I was really glad that I survived. Buses are for travelling for long distances very uncomfortable, but I can imagine long travel by train, because you can have a walk here, it is good for sleeping, you have more space than in bus and there is usually some dinning carriage. I like traveling by car too, you can enjoy loud music, you can drive everywhere you want. I have never hitchhiked. I think that is very dangerous especially for girls. But take a hitchhiker is dangerous as well. Travelling by plane First you go to the check-in desk, where they weight your luggage, you may pay extra when it weighs more than 20 kilos. Next, they check your ticket and give you boarding card with number of your seat. Then you go through passport control and into departure lounge. You can also buy something in duty free. And about half an hour before take-off, you go to your gate number and get on the plane. If you have hand luggage you have to put it in the overhead locker. Cabin crew give you some information before you take off. You can get some snack too, when your fly is longer. The plain lands and you get off. You walk through the terminal building and go to the baggage reclaim where you collect your luggage. Go straight ahead Go along this street (until you see…, you come to…,) Turn right/left Turn into A. street Turn round the corner Take the first/second/third street left/right Go across Go through

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