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American history 1945-1960 (Cold war, McCarthy, Cuba)

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AMERICAN HISTORY -1945 – America was full of self-relief - powerful nation -Cold war – relationship with soviet union developing - west Europe rebuild – Marshalls plan - affect of cold war in domestic politics – threat of communism - fear of communism – more than reality -anti-communist hysteria – fear of nuclear war - Rosenbergs– executed, 1953 - wife didn’t know – possibly shouldn’t be executed - communists are spreading their ideology each way - people betraying American way of life -McCarthyism – whole investigation process - FBI – J. Edgar Hoover – anti-communist, anti-homosexual – supporting civil rights = communism - he directed FBI operations away from mafia - helping to blacklist people, black mail - House of Representatives – committee – investigates in American activities - definition: spying for Soviet Union, having wrong opinion - HoR – damages people’s lives - McCarthy – on senate committee - home of the witch hunt =no matter what they said they would still accuse them - give names and you are saved, be a snitch bitch - early dates – they persecuted defence lawyers - 5th amendment – labelled in the media as 5th amendment communist, blacklisted, - 10-12 thousand people were fired, hundreds in jail - perjury - McCarthy – manipulating peoples fears to gain power, populist - accusation destroys you, lack of judicial awareness - Arthur Miller – play The Crucible – satire, parody of McCarthyism - piece of paper – I have list of 200 agents working for communists –paper was blank - he already made the news, people feared him - they went after homosexuals - losing job, going to jail - why they went after homosexuals?Blackmail, prejudice – threat to us - the lilac scare - a Ref scare - McCarthy’s opponent in the senate – election, his son had been caught with another man - DC – hushed up – normal procedure, if you are poor you are fucked, BUT McCarthy told: resigned your seat, we are going to expose your son, jail time etc., guy killed himself - senate had enough, put McCarthy in trial, scumbag, they broke him, somebody pointed out, they took him on - he loses money, business deals, becomes joke, drank himself to death - he manipulated fears, compulsive liar - through fear he wanted to get power - The Red Menace - sci-fi, aliens, anti-communist propaganda - Beat Generation, civil right movement – suspicious - narrowing ideas and values - real fighting against communism –Korean war – 1950-1953 - example of American intervention, China, sick of domination of other nations - U.N intervention - saved half peninsula from communism 10.3. - how to stop spread communism - direct military intervention - Korean war – precedence - information war - Espion age - spheres of influence - proxy wars - influencing governments in the third world - Domino effect = snowball effect = if Vietnam falls to communism, Laos falls too and etc. - what happens when Thailand falls, India??? -stop the spread now, our ideas and economic system will win - people want democracy - Arms race - we can’t use weapons we have – it would kill too much people - nuclear weapons – we need more than other side - why are the Americans going to moon - space race - soviet union system - soviets looking for allice - China is neutral in this conflict, in the future business with America - Gorbacov – reconstruction - transfer of power - Cold war – series of revolutions and contra revolutions - South African government - president – socialist, not communist, elected through democratic process - tortures - bloody hands - Cuba - 1958/59 - American policy of isolating - Fidel Castro – nationalizes industry - keep your enemies closer - Havana – party town - Americans lose millions in business due to nationalize industry - Scarface – Cuban immigrants - 1960/2 boats to Cuba - soviet spare of influence - ships sailing - Vietnam war - communism is spreading through Chinese influence - we go there, locals will like us, when we are going to give them freedom - failure - France – under domination, Indočína - not treating vietnamise nice - Vietnam is split - ethnic divide - Vietcong – liberaton, happenedto be communist

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