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LONDON Basic information London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and the biggest city in Englandpopulation is almost 8 million peopleIt is divided into the City of London and 32 districts London lies on Thames river /:théms:/there are lowlands in London it’s one of the largest and the most cosmopolitan cities in Europethe city of London is an important business and finance centreLondon has a huge influence on fashion, culture, politics, entertainment, media and sport across the UK and Europethere took place Summer Olympic games in year 2012London is a seat of the Queen and the Parliament History The city is 2,000 years old In year 50 the Romans chose to settle here they created the city of Londiniumnext to the River ThamesThe River Thames was useful for merchant ships and tradingtoday the river is still important for transport and tourism in 1066 – William the Conqueror he came to the England from Normandy after the battle of Hastings he became the king of England he chose London as his residencein year 1665 was theGreat plague epidemicin 1666 was theGreat fire of London destroyed most of the city started in the Pudding line in the bakery (someone forgot fire in the oven – it spread) there were wooden houses, dirty and narrow streetsan then Sir Christopher Wren – helped to rebuild London (stone buildings, wide streets)in 19th century there was the Industrial Revolution after IR began growth of the population after IR were created new railways and underground lines and London became the largest city of the world in 1894 was built theTower Bridgeduring theWorld War II the city was bombarded by German aircrafts Sport very popular sport in London is football there is a stadium in Wembleythere takes place Wimbledonthere took place Summer Olympic games in 2012 Transport there are 3 airports – Heathrow (largest), Gatwick, Stanstedthere is rail connection – there is located for example Victoria stationthere is located Underground underground is very popular there is the oldest underground in the worldthere are also Double-deckers – famous red buses these days mostly for touriststhere are black cabs – they are black taxis they are quite expensiveand finally water transport there are ships Places of interest THE CITY OF LONDON It's the oldest part of the city There are no roads just streetsTHE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT Is also called Palace of Westminster It is a political centre of United Kingdom There is the seat of Parliament (it includes House of Lords and House of Commons) Big Benis part of Parliament House– it’s famous bell (after one fat minister) Big Ben is clock towerThe Tower of London It's the oldest building in the City It was built by William the Conqueror It served as a residence, royal mint and prison TOWER BRIDGE It’s over the river Thames It’s a characteristic landmark of London It is named after the Tower of London that stands next to it Bridge usually opens when the ship wants to go throughLONDON EYE It’s the largest observation wheel in Europe Part of it was made in CZ It was built to celebrate new millennium It is 135 m highWESTMINSTER ABBEY It’s old church It's located in the opposite of the Houses of Parliament It is used for Royal weddings and monarchs are crowned there Important poets and monarchs are buried thereBUCKINGHAM PALACE It’s official monarch’s residence It’s the seat of Queen Elizabeth II It’s the largest royal office in the world The guards are changing every day hereTRAFALGAR SQUARE It is close to the Buckingham palace Trafalgar square is named after the Battle of Trafalgar There is located Nelson’s column It serves as a meeting place There is usually New Year’s eve – celebration There is an National gallery one of the world’s richest collections of paintings Ministers live therePiccadilly Circus It is the most famous and busiest transportation hub in London There meets 5 of the main streets There are advertisements on the buildings It’s meeting place of lovers, homosexuals There is located statue ofEros(Greek god of love)THE HAROLD’S big department storeroyal family shops there >very expensivethe British Museumlargest museum in the worldhistorical monuments from coloniesEgyptian mummiesThe British LibraryST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL It is the seat of the Archbishop of London The building is from the 17th century It is the second largest cathedral in the world (after the basilica of St. Petr in Rome)THE MONUMENT It is located near St Paul's Cathedral It is a monument to the worst fire in the history of the city The fire started just near the place of today's monumentGREENWICH There is aPrime Meridian which passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England Parks St. James’s park the oldest onelake with small islandsRegent’s parkLondon ZOO Culture more than 40 theatres and music hallsThe Globe - William Shakespeare theatre Madame Tussaud’s - museum of wax figurines - Queen Victoria, Picasso, pop singers, sportsmen, actors…

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