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Maturitní témata z anglického jazyka

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Maturitní témata zanglického jazyka a) b) The importance of learning foreign languages; learning via the Internet and using modern technologies. Speaking in public. Giving a presentation. The history of English, English around the world, varieties of English. a) b) Introduce yourself. My daily routine. Likes and dislikes, hobbies. Good and bad habits. History of the U.K. a) b) Doing the shopping. (Local) shops and supermarkets. Shopping online. Advertising (commercials). Consumer society. Money matters. History of the U.S.A. a) b) Housing. Our flat/house/town/village. My dream house, a house of the future; being homeless; squatting; charities; living in a foreign country. Renting a flat/having a lodger or looking for a roommate/flatmate. System of education - U.K, U.S.A, CR. a) b) Travelling. Going on holiday. Means of transport, accommodation, activities, sightseeing; a trip to remember. A complaint. Ireland (history, religion, literature, political system, etc.). a) b) Studies, education. Our school. Stress at school. Classmates, bullying. Having a gap year. Studying abroad, university studies - my future plans. Political systems - the U.K./U.S.A/CR. a) b) Sports and games. Martial arts. How to keep fit. Extreme sports. Individual sports vs. team sports. Drugs in sport; sport and money; fans and hooligans. Eating habits and traditional British (English, Scottish, etc.) and American cuisine. a) b) Food and energy. My eating habit. Eating out. A recipe. Eating disorders. Junk food. Having a party. Sports in the U.K, U.S.A and other English speaking countries. (The Commonwealth Games) a) b) People and the environment - ways of protecting it. Global threats, global warming, natural disasters. Zoos, endangered species. Having a pet. Festivals and celebrations all the year round - U.K and U.S.A, CR. a) b) Family; getting married (arranged marriages vs. love marriages). Generation gap, relationships in families, young people today - their lives, dreams values, opinions. Canada a) b) Taking up a career. Jobs and professions; a letter of application, CV, job interview. Problems at work. My work experience (part-time/summer jobs), ideal job. W.Shakespeare and Elizabethan theatre (other playwrights). a) b) All the year round. Holidays and festivals. The weather, seasons, climate. Superstitions. Dreams. British and American contemporary TV series (for young people) a) b) Health and body; being ill; at the doctor’s; human body; healthy principles. Disabled people. Euthanasia. Sightseeing in the U.S.A - national parks, big cities - New York, Washington, etc. a) b) Clothes and fashion; designer labels, colours. Describing a person’s appearance and character. Sightseeing in the Czech Republic; Prague; Bohemian Paradise. a) b) Art and culture, entertainment. Going to exhibitions/the cinema/the theatre. Forms of arts. New Zealand a) b) Mass media; radio, TV, the Internet (social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and press (quality press vs. tabloids), celebrities, paparazzi, commercials. Australia a) b) My friend. Human qualities and relationships. A person I admire; role models. Neighbours; conflicts; multi-cultural society; discrimination; racism. National identity; stereotypes. South Africa (Nelson Mandela and other campaigners) a) b) Social problems. Crime and punishment. The police. Missing people. Gangs, violence (computer games), corruption, bribery. Terrorism. What is ethical and moral? Sightseeing in the U.K, London. a) b) The world of technology vs. man. Landmarks of science. Latest developments and their impact. Computers and their importance. Artificial intelligence. Living in the future, sci-fi. My favourite British/American (Australia, Canadian, etc.) writer. a) b) Why read? Literature and film. My favourite writer/director/actor/actress. Celebrities. Movie business. The European Union and the Czech Republic.

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