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New Zealand

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NEW ZEALAND New Zealand consists of two islands (the North and the South Island) that are located south-east of Australia in the South Pacific. Both islands are well known for their beautiful scenery. There are active volcanoes, caves and long sandy beaches. The capital city is Wellington but the most populous city is Auckland. It was explored by James Cook and New Zealand was British colony. The majority of the people live on the North Island, mainly for its mild climate and economic potencional. The first people who lived here were Maoris. New Zealand´s flag, like the Australian one, has a royal blue background with a small Union Jack in the top-left corner and four five-pointed red stars. I tis constitutional monarchy. The formal head is Elizabeth II. She is represented by Governor. Population is about 4 million people. Officially English is spoken here but some people still speak Maori. Each of two main islands is mainly hilly and mountainous. The highest peak is Mount Cook. The largest lak eis Taupo. The clomate is quit mild. Summers are not too hot and the winters are mild.

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