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aturitní otázka č. 21 OFFER There are two types of offers solicited – these are replies to enquiries unsolicited- when companies offer their goods without waiting for the enquiry (sales letters). Offers should give fullinformation about the goods offered andthe selling conditions. They should contain: 1.A complete description of the goods including price lists, catalogues, samples etc. 2.The quantity of goodsincustomary units ( metres, tons, pounds, yards, dozens, bags, barrels) 3.The priceper unit or for the minimum quantity, with or without discount, including or excluding packing, and the currency in which payment will be made. To indicate what charges for freight, insurance etc. are included in the price, Incoterms (International commercial terms ) are used,e.g.: FOB......(named port of shipment) - (free on board) – the price includes delivery to docks and loading the goods on board a ship CIF ......(named destination) - (cost, insurance, freight) – the price includes all costs including insurance to the named destination EXW......(named place) – (ex-works) – the price includes goods and packaging only. The buyer collects from the seller´s address 4.Terms of payment – the supplier may require or suggest any of several methods of payment e.g. cash in advance– placení předem cash on delivery (COD) – placení při dodání, na dobírku payment on invoice – placení po přijetí faktury payment on receipt of goods – placení po převzetí zboží payment within 60 days from date of invoice – do 60 dnů od data vystavení faktury documents against payment (D/P) – placení proti dokladům payment by ir/revocable and un/confirmed documentary letter of credit – placení ne/odvolatelným a ne/potvrzeným dokumentárním akreditivem 5.Terms of delivery – indicate the time of delivery, the place of delivery etc 6.Validity of the offer – the offer can bebindingorfirm, which means that the company will hold the goods for the certain time, mentioned in the offer until they receive the order. The company can also offer the goodswithout engagement, which means that they will not wait for your order and will sell the goods elsewhere

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