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School and education I will start with czech system of education. There is 9 years of compulsory education from the age of 6 to 15. Pre-school education is possible too, children can attend playgroups/kindergardens, they learn some basic skills. 1 year in playgroup is obligatory. Basic schools are separated into two grades. In the first children learn reading, writing, counting and elementary facts. Education in the second grade is more difficult. Students has more specialized subjects, for example chemistry, physics, biology, history,… They learn languages to, obligatory language is English. We could learn second language in our school in Letovice. We could choose between german and russian. When you do not want to start work. You may enrol at secondary school, for example grammar schools, apprenticeship centres, art schools, vocational or other professional schools, but for your admission you have to usually do some exams. There are two types of secondary schools – first – for example apprenticeship centres – studies are 3 years long and after that you get certificate and you became qualified worker or craftsman. Other schools offer you 4 years long education. After this four years you have too pass school leaving exam that is maturita exam. This exam is different at dissimilar schools, but there is join state part. It consists czech language test and mathematics or language test. You can choose 2 subject for your exam in the second part of maturita exam in our grammar school. Their small children can visit creches, playgrounds and kinderganrdens too. From the age of five they study in infant primary school, 7 years old students are moved from infant to junior primary school. When pupils are 11 years old they continue at secondary school. There are many secondary schools, for example grammar schools, comprehensive schools. All 16 years old students have to pass GCSE exams, which is General Certificate of Secondary Education. Now they have 3 possibilities, the first is leave school, the second is go on for vocational training, but if they want to study at a university they have to study two more years as sixth formers and take the A-levels – exam in two or three subjects. They can go study at the university after that. There are many famous universities in the UK, for instance Oxford or Cambridge, called together Oxbridge. Czech education system is pretty obsolete. It was proved by survey, that it is 30 years behind west countries, but it is clean, because our schooling wasn’t change much from age of Marie Terezie. There was a small test: imagine subject cycling. When you learn this subject by our education system children sit on a bike after three years, because they have to learn what is pedal, seat,… It shows that our school system doesn’t prepair you for real life.

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