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Plymouth - Essay

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Our journey started early in the morning on Sunday at the end of the school year. Everyone (Ondré, Dominic, Milos, Erik, Michal, Vladimir, Filip and Peter) had everything he needed in his baggage. With two school vans. Our first aim was Wroclaw airport. In the forenoon we were waiting for our flight. I was looking forward to it because it was my first flight. We flew by Ryanair aircraft company. There was a slightly bigger attractive force during the time the plane was taking off. However, very soon I adapted to these conditions. We landed to Bristol, where we rented the car and divided into two groups. Those who were dependent on a wheelchair traveled to Plymouth by a rent car, the others took a long a coach bus to Plymouth. Jurys Inn Plymouth is located in Jurys Inn's three-star hotel. We arrived here after nine o'clock and, after all the formalities had been completed, they finally got into the beautiful rooms. We've always had two people. Dining was provided in the hotel in the form of cold buffet and during the day we were able to afford food in shops, fast foods. It had been allocated 350 EUR from the European Union throughout the stay. MARTINA CHRASTINOVÁ (the main organizer of the project), PAVLA ŠEDIVCOVÁ (huge support for the main organizer). At least you must not forget the guy support of PETR ALINA and JAN BŘÍZA (huge help for the main organizer of the project). For ten days, we had attended SWARTHMORE, the local language school where our instructor Gina led us. Teaching us during our staying in Plymouth took place in English on the topic of establishing a common fictive company. This school was also attended by many other students from different countries for example, from Italy (Alma and Lorenzo), Poland (Agatha), France (Gigi). There was also the opportunity to take part in a cultur club. For penultimate day, we had to make a presentation with the logo of the company etc. We were rewarded on a festive day, during which we were able to see a PLYMOUTH HOE with a lighthouse , TASTING FISH AND CHIPS AND MORE, visiting the PLYMOUTH GIN (with tasting), shopping at Drake Circus and nearby shops. Possibility to visit the UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH where Jiří George Baran has studied. He is actually from Lower Moravia, a NATIONAL MARINE AQUARIUM with a variety of fish, a ROYAL FORTRESS, and a CENTRAL PARK. Some of us eventually decided to bathe in the sea due to warm weather conditions. Almost all the time we spent in England was an unusual weather. We did not forget to buy gifts for our family members or loved ones, and many of us have also looked. All of us will certainly remember the good for this allowed project.


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