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Prague Is the capital and the biggest city in the Czech Republicthere are lot of towersIs situated on the river Vltavaseat of the president, parliament, government,social, cultural, political, educational, business, financial centre of the Czech republichistoric Centrum – included in UNESCOit is divided into22 districts (Prague word with the corresponding/odpovídající/numeral/:njůmerl:/) five historical districts have name The Old Town, The New Town, Josefov (Jewish quarter), the Lesser Town, Hradčany, Vyšehrad History people have lived in this area since Stone Agelegend connects the foundation/:fndejšn:/ (založení) of Prague with princess LibušeIn the 9th century – Prague became thecapital city of BohemiaIn the 14th century – the kingCharles IV ruled he founded the Charles University (the Carolinum – oldest building of Charles University) Charles Bridge, Hungry wall,The New Town,St. Vitus Cathedral,Horse market…Rudolph II. he invited artists and scientists to Prague the Golden Lane was built(zlatá ulička)In 1918 –Prague became the capital city of the Czechoslovak RepublicIn 1993 – capital city of the Czech Republic Sights THE PRAGUE CASTLE the most famous sightfounded in9th centuryofficial residence of the President (when he is there – we can see Czech flag)it is a big complex of buildings there is theVladislav Hall – it is used for representative purposes there is theRudolph Gallery there is theSt. Vitus Cathedral Crown Jewels are saved there GOLDEN LINE it was built at the timeof Rudolph II. – alchemists who lived there (tried to make gold) there is beautiful view on theLesser Town, the National Theatre… PETŘÍN HILL you can get there bycable car (lanovka)there are parks and gardens on the topis Mirror maze(zrcadlové bludiště),Petřín observation tower (petřínská rozhledna)(like Eifel tower)Statue ofKarel Hynek Mácha – patron of lovers CHARLES BRIDGE we can get there fromLesser Town square(malostranské náměstí) connectLesser Town andOld Townthe oldest bridge in Prague built by Charles IV.30 statues in baroque styleon the bridge there are lot of artists and musicians /:mňůzišns:/ OLD TOWN SQUARE(staroměstské náměstí) centre of theOld Town andhistorical Prague in the square is building –Old Town Hall(staroměstská radnice) there is theastronomical clock(orloj) it strikes every hour (udeří)there is theJohn Hus Monument- in the middle of the squaregothicTýn Church – Tycho de Brahe is buried thereSt. Nicholas church from Old Town Square we can go alongParis Street it takes us to theJewish Town WENCESLAS SQUARE/:vensles:/ (Václavské náměstí) in the New Towncommercial centre of Prague (obchodní) there are banks, department stores, shops, hotels, coffees in the upper part(v horní části) stands statue of St. Wenceslas Memorialat the upper end (na horním konci) there is theNational Museum NATIONAL THEATRE situated on theriverbank(břeh)of Vltavabuilt in 1881 > then burned > rebuilt in 1883 other theatres Semafor theatre Jára Cimrman’s theatre Karlín MUSEUM AND GALLERIES National Gallery thelargest collections in the Czech RepublicNational Museum natural, scientific/:scájntifik:/ and historical collections more than 14 million itemsNational Technical Museum history of technology - planes, rocket models VYŠEHRAD CASTLE oldest castle in Praguethere is famousSlavín graveyard Czech artists, writers, important people areburied there CHARLES UNIVERSITY is the most famous school in Pragueit is one of the oldest european universitiesit was founded by Charles IV. in 14th centuryit has got 17 faculties Transport Prague isthe main crossroad(křižovatka) of the Czech RepublicTrains –Central station (Hlavní nádraží)Trams (21 lines),Bussesunderground – 3 lines (A,B,C)taxi carsby air – main airport -Airport of Vaclav Havelby water –mainly for tourists (sightseeing, dinner..) Shopping souvenir shops are almost everywhere in the centre mostly around theOld Town Square andWenceslas squarethere are also big shopping malls Chodov, Palladium, Arkády Pankrác… Ikea

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